Farage collared by Nick as I'm A Celeb trial goes awry in first look preview: 'You've got to communicate!'

Ant and Dec oversee the latest trial

Ant and Dec oversee the latest trial involving Nigel Farage

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 01/12/2023

- 11:15

The GB News star irks his campmate in the preview clip for tonight's trial

Nick Pickard doesn't mince his words as he teams up with Nigel Farage and a number of their other campmates for Friday's Bushtucker Trial.

Pickard and Farage head to the trial area for Grim Gutter Trial alongside Nella Rose, Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew in the hopes of bagging more stars for camp.

However, just moments into ITV's first look preview for Friday's episode, it's clear to see it's far from an easy challenge.

Each celeb is confined to a separate chamber in the ground and is kept out of sight from one another.

They race against the clock to unlock as many stars as possible but not all the keys fit, meaning the celebs need to communicate with one another to pass keys and stars from chamber to chamber.

Of course, they're not alone as each celeb's chamber is filled with creepy crawlies, rats and snakes.

Nick Pickard

Nick Pickard yells for Farage's help


As the preview clip kicks off, it's clear to see Farage is struggling to get to grips with the fiddly keys.

"How does that work?" Farage ponders in his chamber while Rose tries to calm herself down: "Don't panic."

As Bellew screams from his chamber, Pickard is waiting on Farage to send down the key so he can begin - and he lets Farage know he's in a hurry.

"Come on, Nige! Come on, mate! Can I move now," Pickard yells but Farage is still finding it tricky to free his keys.

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"Nigel's struggling here," Ant commentates before Pickard's urgency takes centre stage again as he yells: "Let me know when I can move please guys!"

Eventually, Farage frees his key which means Pickard can get to work - but he fails to let the Hollyoaks star know.

"Right, can I go guys?" Pickard asks but Farage is deep in concentration, prompting Ant and Dec to intervene: "Talk to each other! Nigel, can he go?"

"Go, go, go" Farage replies but Pickard isn't happy as he barks back: "Nigel! You've got to communicate mate!"

Nick Pickard and Nigel Farage

Nick Pickard and Nigel Farage previously took on In Too Deep together


Bellew then chips in to reveal none of the keys he's used fit the locks in his chamber as he asks for more to be sent down.

But Pickard is in the adjoining chamber and reveals: "I haven't got any yet, Tone!"

Moments before the clip draws to a close, the keys are passed along but panic ensues as Rose shouts: "Wait!"

But will Farage and the rest of his campmates be able to work together and bag a full house of stars for the camp?

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