BBC MasterChef viewers call for change to final show as winner crowned: 'Not a compelling start!'

BBC MasterChef viewers call for change to final show as winner crowned: 'Not a compelling start!'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 22/05/2024

- 22:15

The nail-biting finale aired on Wednesday night as the 20th series concluded

MasterChef 2024 wrapped up on Wednesday, with Chris Willoughby, Brin Pirathapan and Louise Lyons Macleod battling it out in the final show to be crowned winner.

While the episode was a close call and became an engaging competition, many fans of the show were disappointed that the first 20 minutes was nothing to do with cooking.

Because it was the final, the first half of the BBC show was dedicated to the finalists and deep dives into their personal lives as well as their journey on the competition.

The programme began with a montage of the memorable moments from the series, with judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace narrating with their commentary on the 20th anniversary season.

"I grew up in the Cotswolds, in a small town called Chipping Norton," Willoughby explained as it was his turn to reflect on his journey.

As snaps from his childhood were shown, he continued: "I've always been a creative person, from doing youth theatre and then going into pantomimes as a child. And then I ran off with the circus."

Chris and John

Some viewers complained about the insights into the contestants' pasts


Willoughby went on to recall how he first became interested in cooking and food.

Appearing on screen, his family shared their thoughts, followed by Toroe and Wallace, and then it was time for Lyons Macleod to tell her story.

"My parents always loved the countryside," she began. "So we grew vegetables in the garden. We had chickens, I had some ponies."

Pirathapan's story began 15 minutes into the show, where he explained: "I think food really did play a part in my childhood."

Brin was crowned the winner of the series


He and his family went on to talk about Pirathapan's other passion for animals, and his work as a vet.

While some enjoyed the special insights, others complained that almost half the show had finished before the actual competition resumed.

Taking to X, one viewer penned: "20 mins talking 15 minutes more talking with glimpses of cooking now we get to watch Greg and John put HUGE amounts of food in their mouths and start talking before their mouths are empty #MasterChefUK #MasterChef."

"More than 20 minutes into the MasterChef final and they FINALLY start cooking something. Not exactly a compelling start to an hour of TV," another fumed.

A third commented: "20 minutes bull just [get] cooking #masterchef."

Louise, Brin and Chris

The judges reflected on the 20th series of MasterChef


Another echoed these views, writing: "23 mins into the programme and the finally start to cook #masterchef."

However, not everyone agreed, with one person stating: "For the benefit of those new to #masterchef the first 15 minutes of the final are always devoted to profiles of the three finalists.

"Personally I like this but if you don't, feel free to go away and do something else till 8.15."

Pirathapan ended up being crowned the winner in an emotional moment and was delighted to take home the trophy.

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