Nella Rose sparks I'm A Celeb fury as fans slam 'I'm just a girl' remarks amid camp rows: 'Playing victim role!'

Nella Rose sparks I'm A Celeb fury as fans slam 'I'm just a girl' remarks amid camp rows: 'Playing victim role!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 28/11/2023

- 15:08

The YouTuber has come under fire again for her comments in the jungle

Nella Rose has irked a number of I'm A Celebrity viewers following Sunday night's episode for comments she made during a boxing lesson with campmate Tony Bellew.

The 26-year-old - who already hit headlines following a fiery immigration row with Nigel Farage - took part in the self-defence tutorial but feigned fear when Bellew showed off his skills.

In one instance, Bellew demonstrated how to avoid a jab and counter with a punch of his own, prompting Rose to turn her away with her hands on her mouth and plead: "I'm just girl."

"Are you ready for my self-defence class now?" Rose said at the beginning of the scene as Bellew replied: "What do you wanna know? Do you wanna know how to punch someone with force?"

"This is getting very intense," Rose answered as Bellew began to explain: "Boxing is about hit, don't get hit... so I will go boom, boom."

As the former boxer shadow-boxed, Rose waved her hands at him and giggled as she said: "I'm just a girl, I'm just a girl."

Tony Bellew and Nella Rose

Tony Bellew and Nella Rose have been enjoying their time in camp together


It comes after Rose also sparked controversy following a discussion with Josie Gibson and fellow campmates after describing her male campmates as "real men" for their cooking and cleaning skills.

Rose has also been shown a few times saying the phrase "I'm just a girl" during conversations in the camp.

But after Sunday's episode, fans had grown tired of the expression, with some branding it "annoying" and even saying they "hate" the quote.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one person fumed: "Can someone tell Nella to stop saying 'I'm just a girl' like that's an excuse for not being able to do something? Also the suffragettes would not be impressed with being associated with her thinking it's ok to let the men do stuff whilst she's sitting around do nothing #ImACeleb."

A second agreed: "Nella saying 'i’m just a girl' is so corny and annoying #ImaCeleb."

Meanwhile, a third blasted: "If I hear Nella say 'im just a girl' one more time I’m gonna throw the remote through my TV #ImaCeleb."

"I HATE IT that #Nella keeps saying 'I'm JUST a girl!'" a fourth fumed. "There's no such thing as JUST a girl!!!!! #ImaCeleb."

The complaints kept coming as a fifth weighed in: "Nella - 'I'm just a girl'!!! How many more times!!!? Get over yourself and realise there is nothing about being JUST a girl!!! Jeez! #ImACeleb."

Nella Rose

Nella Rose has taken on her fair share of trials already


And a sixth blasted: "So sick of this Nella wan constantly playing the victim role and saying 'I'm just a girl' iiiiick #ImACeleb."

However, hitting back at the fury, a number of ITV viewers defended the YouTuber, including one X user who argued: "I’m not even a fan of Nella but now you wanna complain that she said she’s just a girl. People really will pick at anything with her. #ImACeleb."

And another hit back: "Now they are complaining about Nella saying I’m just a girl? This is just ridiculous #ImACeleb." (sic)

Rose remains in the running for the jungle crown alongside her 10 other campmates following the news Grace Dent had withdrawn from the show on "medical grounds".

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