'Shame shame shame!' Maureen Lipman blasts 'bleeding heart liberals' for refusal to condemn Hamas

Dame Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman has slammed those who fail to condemn Hamas

Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 23/10/2023

- 12:15

Updated: 23/10/2023

- 12:42

The actress joined more than 200 public figures to sign an 'October Declaration condemning the terrorist attacks on Israel

Dame Maureen Lipman has it out at 'bleeding heartless liberals' for refusing to condemn the Hamas attack on Israel, adding they should feel 'shame shame shame'.

The actress joined more than 200 public figures to sign an 'October Declaration condemning the terrorist attacks on Israel and rise in anti-Semitism in the UK.

It comes in reaction to leftie luvvie celebrities including actress Tilda Swinton, Game Of Thrones star Charles Dance, I’m Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan and Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes and more than 2,000 artists backed an open call backed an open call for humanitarian support in Gaza.

The letter, written by Artists For Palestine UK, calls for “an immediate ceasefire and the opening of Gaza’s crossings to allow humanitarian aid to enter unhindered”.

It has also urged governments to “end their military and political support for Israel’s actions”.

Dame Maureen said liberal artists have espoused the Palestinian “cause at the expense of every other oppressed people of the world”.

Educate Yourself! Steve Coogan criticised for letter

She said: “These bleeding heartless liberals care so deeply for the Palestinians… that they espouse their cause at the expense of every other oppressed people of the world…

“Shame. Shame. Shame on every one of you.”

She added: “The Palestinians are not Hamas, I agree; they just elected them. And, 17 years later, Hamas has done nothing for the Palestinians save stealing the millions donated in aid money while keeping them in penury.”

Dame Maureen writing in the Telegraph continued: “I would love the signaturists to answer me this question: If your beloved country had been under attack for 70 years… how angry and exhausted and how determined to defend your country against any future attacks would you be?”

The 77-year-old actress, known for 1983 comedy-drama Educating Rita and 2002 drama The Pianist and most recently appearing on Coronation Street, said other artists should feel “shame” for their support of Gaza.

Joined by playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, composer Sir Tim Rice, presenter Vanessa Feltz and Countdown star Rachel Riley#, the actress signed the declaration to highlight concerns about antisemitism in the UK.

It urges the media, including the BBC, public figures and political parties to label Hamas a “terrorist organisation” and criticised the way the police have handled protests.

Scotland Yard chief Sir Mark Rowley is set to meet with Home Secretary Suella Braverman during a pre-scheduled meeting where she is expected to ask about the handling of pro-Palestine protesters chanting “jihad”.

The force said no offences were identified in a video of a Hizb ut-Tahrir protest showing a man chanting “jihad” in London on Saturday.

On Sunday Coogan after signing the luvvie letter, released a statement, before Dame Maureen’s comments, in which he condemned “the recent Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel; their deliberate murder of civilians and their taking of hostages”.

He also said: “The Jewish people have been uniquely the target of hate and prejudice for millennia and anyone who cares about human rights should be vigilant and call it out when they encounter it.

“It goes without saying that what Hamas did is evil beyond imagination. It was horrific and brutal.

“It is in no way inconsistent with condemnation of the Hamas atrocity, to express grave concern for the lives and welfare of innocent Palestinian civilians facing a humanitarian disaster, deprived of food, water, medicine fuel and shelter.”

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