Jeremy Clarkson takes another pop at David Attenborough as he fears further Diddly Squat complications

Jeremy Clarkson takes another pop at David Attenborough as he fears further Diddly Squat complications

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 21/11/2023

- 10:10

Updated: 21/11/2023

- 10:44

The Clarkson's Farm star has previously taken aim at the new series of Planet Earth III

Jeremy Clarkson has penned yet another dig aimed at Sir David Attenborough following on from his controversial take on Planet Earth III.

The criticism of the BBC documentary sparked backlash from eco-warrior Chris Packham online but it appears it hasn't deterred Clarkson from bringing up Attenborough's name once again for a new issue he's facing.

Clarkson, who's faced a whole host of challenges while running his Chipping Norton farm, revealed in his latest column that he's having to deal with a struggle regarding his livestock.

That's because his local abattoir is rumoured to shut down in order for a housing developer to build a flock of new homes.

While Clarkson sympathised with the abattoir's owners for contemplating selling up given a shortage of workers and big-money offers, he revealed it's "becoming a big issue" for farmers like himself.

He wrote in the Sunday Times: "Abattoir closures are becoming a big issue everywhere and no one seems to be paying much attention. I’m not surprised."

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has taken another dig at Attenborough


Taking a pop at the preaching of climate-focussed public figures such as the Planet Earth narrator, Clarkson continued: "The government, Ms [Greta] Thunberg and Sir [David] Attenborough have been telling us for quite some time that the planet cannot feed its human population if we carry on eating meat.

"And we all nod sagely and agree that it’s daft to grow crops for animals and that it would be more sensible for us to eat those crops instead. And then we pop into the butcher’s and buy a leg of lamb for the Sunday roast."

Clarkson went on to delve into the specific problems his local abattoir closing would present to him.

He complained the next nearest abattoir is located in "basically Wales" and will result in a two-hour round trip.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has aimed some of the blame for abattoir closures Attenborough's way


However, if a number of other farmers are forced to flock to the abattoir, Clarkson has feared it will take up an entire day's of work, something he "can't afford".

Looking to the future, Clarkson mulled over the daunting possibility that meat farming will soon be a thing of the past.

It's the second time this month the Grant Tour host - who recently filmed a new special of the motoring show - has dragged Attenborough's name into conversation when airing his frustrations in his column.

Earlier this month following his critique of Planet Earth and the BBC's persistent pushing of climate action - another thing he criticised in his latest book - Packham launched a foul-mouthed attack on the 63-year-old.

Diddly Squat

Jeremy Clarkson runs Diddly Squat farm in Chipping Norton


Packham hit back at Clarkson's Planet Earth rant: "Not content with fantasies of throwing s**t over members of the royal family he now slams the worlds greatest broadcaster and the man who has done more than anyone has or ever will to protect life on earth...

"What a massive c**kchafer," the Springwatch star fumed.

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