Carol Vorderman branded 'pathetic' as she launches 'horrid' attack on young political voters: 'Don't denigrate!'

Carol Vorderman branded 'pathetic' as she launches 'horrid' attack on young political voters: 'Don't denigrate!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 21/11/2023

- 09:14

The 62-year-old has taken aim at young Conservatives

Carol Vorderman has come under fire from a number of X, formerly Twitter, users after she launched a blistering attack on young people who may vote for the Conservatives.

Vorderman hinted that young Tory voters must feel "shame" and "vote in secret" as she slammed the Conservative Party once again.

Her tirade is the latest in a long line of attacks on the government and Conservative Party on social media - something which ultimately led to her being sacked from the BBC following its implementation of new guidelines.

Vorderman's rant towards young voters first came in response to MP for Workington, Mark Jenkinson who'd promoted the Cumbria Young Conservatives on his own page.

In response, Vorderman wrote: "Can you imagine the shame nowadays of any young person saying they belong to the Corrupt Conservative Party?

"Polls show only 1% of age 18-24 would even vote for you....and even then they'd probably do it in secret.

"Your self-serving govt is a blight on the U, and will be remembered as a stain in our political history. General election NOW."

The former Countdown star's response garnered a number of disgruntled responses, including from the CCHQ Press (Conservative Party Press Office).

The account responded to Vorderman's post: "Attacking young people? Bit sad. Surely you know better than to shame the next generation for being politically engaged?"

But instead of easing off young voters, Vorderman doubled down with another rant: "Tories are worried. Recent polls have shown only 1% of voters age 18-24 would vote Tory. When I congratulated the 99% for their fine political sense, Tory HQ tries to turn it into 'attacking young people'.

"REPORT CARD FOR @CCHQPress 0/10. Must do better [wink emoji]. Note to Tories... Just wait till you see what's round the corner in our campaign to dismantle you.... Including actively engaging as many young people as possible to vote....videos soon. Tick Tock #ToriesUnfitToGovern."

While Vorderman patted herself on the back and hinted at revelations to come, a number of X users took issue with her disregard for youngsters who wanted to be politically engaged - even if it was for a party she wouldn't be supporting.

Andrew Bowie, MP for West Aberdeenshire, hit back: "Pretty sad and pathetic actually for a well known celebrity to use her platform to attack young people engaging in the democratic process, of whatever party. Be better than Carol, whatever your view, and celebrate, don't denigrate, youth participation in democracy."

And Political commentator Sophie Corcoran agreed: "I’m openly conservative and I’m not ashamed.

"The only reason young people don’t openly talk about it is because your lefty mobs try to harass and intimidate anyone who is largely because of people like you. Glad I could help."

Carol VordermanCarol Vorderman has taken to Twitter to share the statement PA

Elsewhere, another member of the public raged: "Typical lefty. Trying to intimidate people they disagree with."

And another hit out: "I feel sorry for Carol. After a brilliant career, she’s using her platform to ridicule young people for engaging in politics. I just think that’s utterly sad."

"Vorderman targets young people who wish to get into politics," one X user weighed in. "Obviously she only accepts people with her point of view."

And the complaints kept coming: "This is horrid demonising young voters if they do not agree with her."

However, there were some who applauded Vorderman for her take on the Tories, with one fan praising: "And that's from the Official Press Office?? Crikey - you must be getting them worried. Good job - carry on."

And a second echoed: "You've rattled them today my friend!!! Keep on going!"

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