I'm A Celeb campmates could face 'big impact' to time on show as weather wreaks havoc Down Under

I'm A Celeb campmates could face 'big impact' to time on show as weather wreaks havoc Down Under

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 20/11/2023

- 10:18

Updated: 20/11/2023

- 10:22

The campmates are set for a rather wet few days

I'm A Celebrity's latest crop of campmates could face a "big impact" on their time in the camp thanks to adverse weather, according to GB News reporter Ben Leo.

The People's Channel's reporter is on the ground in Australia to provide viewers with up-to-date news on how Nigel Farage is getting on alongside his co-stars.

Farage has already proved a success on the show thanks to his performance in the opening challenge of the series alongside Nella Rose and Josie Gibson - and has even been nominated to face the first Bushtucker Trial of the series, The Jungle Pizzeria.

However, he may need to pack a coat as when speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster on Monday's Breakfast, Leo revealed it wasn't quite as sunny as he'd expected.

"Great stuff last night on the opening show but my main concern at the moment is - I was gonna open my chat with you, Eamonn, by cracking a joke about how I'm loving it in the sunny summer of Australia on the Gold Coast but actually... it's more like Bognor Regis than Brisbane," Leo began.

"And on a serious note, that's gonna have a big impact on the guys in the camp including Nigel because not only are they tired and hungry, they're gonna be sodden through.

Nigel FarageNigel Farage dives headfirst into the first trial of the series ITV/SHUTTERSTOCK

"The forecast for the next week at least is pretty much the same as this - grey and drizzly and wet!"

While the weather may make the first few days in camp uncomfortable, a spokesperson for ITV from the camp has told GB News everything is "fine".

They added that "contingencies are in place for all weather scenarios" to protect the celebs in case rain batters the camp.

As Leo continued his report from the Gold Coast, he shared his thoughts on how Farage did during the opening episode after facing "boycott" calls in the days before entering the jungle.

"In terms of last what a cracking show. We got to see for the first time in detail Nigel's challenge in the Outback 2,000 miles away from the Gold Coast here," Leo said.

"He got knee-deep in slime, sludge and grime, and stuck his head into what ITV called a 'hell hole' (which was) a box full of snakes essentially where he had to use his tongue to unscrew so screws and nails to win stars for his campmates.

"He succeeded, he did really well, and going back into camp it was the first public vote last night, so the Great British public got on their phones and made their votes for who they wanted to take on the first Bushtucker Trial on tonight's show. Surprise, surprise, our man Nigel is going in the first Bushtucker Trial with Nella Rose, the YouTuber, in what is being called 'The Jungle Pizzeria'.

"I assume it involves food, munching on some horrible animal organs no doubt. In terms of who's voting for Nigel throughout the series, I've got a bit of a theory...

"I think you've got his haters, the guys who hate him for Brexit (and) will never forgive him for yanking us out of the EU, but also if you look online a lot of his fans and supporters are voting for him as well because they want to see him on TV."

Ben Leo

Ben Leo reported on I'm A Celebrity live from Australia


Fans will have to tune in to tonight's episode to see how Farage gets on in the first Bushtucker Trial of the series - and whether or not he's able to avoid the rainy weather.

However, former campmates have spoken out before about how ITV tries to ensure its campmates are kept shielded from adverse weather conditions.

After leaving the jungle last year, Chris Moyles revealed there was an awning hanging over the camp on his Radio X show.

"There is but it's not there all the time," he said. "By the way, everybody [in the camp] wants this. It would probably cost so much money, but they have a little canopy that just covers the camp area.

"Just from one bed to the phone box and out like that, but if the rain comes in sideways and you're in the hammock you're screwed."

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