Gemma Atkinson fights back after being mum-shamed for 'dangerous' snap of newborn son

Gemma Atkinson fights back after being mum-shamed for 'dangerous' snap of newborn son

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 04/10/2023

- 09:44

The former Emmerdale star gave birth to her second child with Gorka Marquez back in July

Gemma Atkinson has defiantly snapped back at social media users who criticised her over a recent update involving her newborn son, Thiago.

The comments arose after the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant took to Instagram with a snap of her baby boy alongside radio presenter and pal Mike Toolan.

The 38-year-old - who also shares four-year-old daughter Mia with Marquez - shared two photos in her update, including one with Thiago in his cot alongside Toolan.

"When Thiago met Toolan!" Atkinson penned in the accompanying caption. "Tools came round today and he gently leaned over the sleeping beauty to a welcoming sound of wet fart.

"As usual Tools ate half the contents in the fridge and left with more food boxed up for his tea. Someone’s gotta look after him! @miketoolan."

While a number of followers saw the funny side of Atkinson's update, a handful took to the comments to point out Thiago was laying on his front in the cot.

Gemma Atkinson son Thiago

Gemma Atkinson has faced mum-shaming comments for this snap of her son


This led to some to criticise Atkinson's parenting choice, with some even claiming that Thiago should always be on his back as it can help prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

One fan took to the comments to say: "Oh not sure about babies sleeping on their front, that could be quite dangerous."

"Please put him to sleep on his back to prevent SIDS xxx," a second suggested while a third advised: "Since they introduced the advice to put babies to sleep on their back, the SIDS rate has dropped by 85 per cent."

Instead of ignoring the comments, Atkinson decided to hit back at those who felt the need to offer up their expertise.

Atkinson replied: "He does sleep on his back. He naps on his front a few times throughout the day when I’m sat on the chair next to him.

"He’s also able to lift and move his head in both directions when on his front. Not my first rodeo with babies," she signed off followed by a smiling emoji.

It didn't take long before a number of Atkinson's fans rushed to her defence and applauded her for slapping down the criticism.

One fan weighed in: "When I had my first, forty yr ago. We were told to put them to sleep on their front. Thirteen months later, it was their side. Now it's their back.

"You're a good mum and like you say, not your first rodeo. You have to trust your instincts and looks like you're doing an excellent job."

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez with their two children


While a second echoed: "You're doing a great job Gemma don’t listen to nasty people who think they know it all xxx." (sic)

Atkinson and Marquez have documented their second foray into parenthood as part of the W series, Gemma and Gorka: Life Behind the Lens.

As Atkinson continues to tend to Thiago at their family home, Marquez has been busy as one of the pros on this year's Strictly alongside celebrity partner Nikita Kanda.

The pair landed in the dance-off ahead of the first elimination of the series but ultimately made it through at the expense of actor Les Dennis.

Marquez and Kanda will perform again for Movie Week on Saturday, although the BBC show has come under fire from fans who feel Marquez has been "stitched up" with the routine they've been tasked with.

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