Eamonn Holmes announces he's to officiate at Corrie legend's wedding: 'I should become a preacher!'

Eamonn Holmes announces he's to officiate at Corrie legend's wedding: 'I should become a preacher!'
Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 12/09/2023

- 10:30

The GB News presenter will preside over his close pal's nuptials soon

Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel returned on Tuesday with a number of hard-hitting stories and debates to share with viewers.

However, one of the biggest revelations from the show had to be when Eamonn revealed he's set to officiate Coronation Street legend Charlie Lawson's wedding.

Lawson has been engaged to fiancée Debbie Stanley for a decade and now plans are in place for them to officially say their "I do's".

Eamonn's news came as he discussed Ed Sheeran recently gate-crashing a wedding in Las Vegas with co-host Isabel Webster and guests Dawn Neesom and Fraser Myers.

As the panel watched the clip unfold, Eamonn remarked: "This is a window into my life, you know.

"I can't go to a hotel where someone doesn't come up and tap me on the shoulder and say, ‘My daughter's getting married in the next room, you know, you wouldn't go in and see them or whatever…'"

Eamonn Holmes

Eamonn Holmes told the panel about his news


Turning his attention to Lawson, he continued: "I got a phone call from a dear friend two weeks ago whose wedding I was going to and he said to me, ‘We don't just want you to go to the wedding, we want you to conduct the ceremony.’

"So I've buried George Best, right? So his family phoned me and said, ‘We don't want a priest or anything but we want you to do George's funeral ceremony’.

“And now I'm going to marry Charlie Lawson, Jim McDonald from Coronation Street," Eamonn revealed, prompting a surprised Dawn to exclaim: "Oh, wow!"

“So there you are," Eamonn said before he quipped: "I should maybe become some sort of preacher."

Isabel then brought up the time Eamonn read aloud a tribute at the funeral of This Morning star Alison Hammond's mother.

"You're available for hire," Isabel jokingly teased her co-host as he repeated: "Available for hire!"

Dawn then weighed in as she reminisced about a time she was invited to George Best's wedding to wife Alex.

As the pair delved into the details of the day, Eamonn took a moment to remember the iconic footballer before he concluded: "Sadly missed."

Eamonn and Lawson's friendship has been a strong one for many years, with the Corrie icon recently sharing a suited and booted snap alongside his pal from an event back in June.

Donning a pair of blue suits, Lawson and Eamonn could be seen taking a seat and basking in the summer sun while Lawson captioned the snap: "Butch and Sundance! @EmmaVardyTV."

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