'He's in a position of STRENGTH' Eamonn Holmes slaps down Hancock comparisons as he backs Farage for I'm A Celeb glory

'He's in a position of STRENGTH' Eamonn Holmes slaps down Hancock comparisons as he backs Farage for I'm A Celeb glory

WATCH NOW: GB News panel discuss Farage's I'm A Celeb stint

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 13/11/2023

- 09:35

Updated: 13/11/2023

- 09:41

GB News star Nigel Farage is heading to the jungle

Eamonn Holmes has thrown his support behind GB News colleague Nigel Farage after the presenter and former Brexit Party leader was reportedly unveiled as one this year's I'm A Celebrity stars.

Farage has been pictured landing in Australia alongside his fellow rumoured campmates for the upcoming series of the ITV reality show.

He's rumoured to be starring alongside the likes of This Morning presenter Josie Gibson, First Dates star Fred Sirieix, and Britney Spears' sister Jamie-Lynn among others when he arrives in the jungle.

ITV's latest hire of a political figure to head Down Under comes one year after bosses sparked controversy by casting Matt Hancock in the 2022 series.

While Hancock missed out on the crown in the jungle, Breakfast presenter Eamonn - as well as guests Dawn Neesom and Alex Armstrong - feel Farage could go one better.

Eamonn kicked off the discussion as he read from the newspapers: "Nigel Farage in the jungle, he'll land in Australia and he is part of the I'm A Celeb cast."

Eamonn holmes

Eamonn Holmes and the panel discuss Farage's I'm A Celeb stint


Neesom weighed in: "Yes, it's another Matt Hancock figure, isn't it? Everybody, whether you love or loathe -"

However, quick to shut down comparisons with Hancock, Eamonn interjected: "No, I think it's different.

"Hancock was in a position of weakness, I think Farage goes in in a position of strength," Eamonn suggested to which Neesom replied: "Absolutely, (but) it's that very divisive political figure."

Eamonn explained further: "The difference is Hancock was never going to go back into politics, Farage is."

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock appeared on I'm A Celeb last year


He went on to ask: "Does he come back more popular? Does he come back with an all-new swathe of younger people thinking he's cool?"

Neesom mused: "It depends how he plays it...I think he is very good on TV, I have to say. Whether you agree with his politics or not."

"He's a very charming man, he's very, very good socially," Eamonn chipped back in to laud his GB News colleague before Neesom continued: "And the way to win I'm A Celebrity is to be nice, properly nice, to be kind and to be helpful.

"It's not to start fights, it's not to be divisive - so I think provided he remembers that and doesn't get into too many political debates in there, I think he's in with a chance of winning. I don't know what the bookies are saying but I wouldn't be surprised."

Eamonn Holmes backs Nigel Farage

Eamonn Holmes backs Nigel Farage in the jungle


Isabel then shared her thoughts: "It all depends who's in there with him and ITV I believe have been looking for someone who he can riff with.

"That can be really difficult 24/7 to be in a place where you're not eating (or smoking), it can be a difficult situation."

Armstrong weighed in as he too backed Farage for victory: "I quite like Nigel Farage and I think he'll do very well on the show. A lot of people like Nigel Farage, now more than ever - he's really quite popular.

"I think he comes across pretty ordinary to people watching GB News and watching I'm A Celeb... I wouldn't be surprised (if he won) frankly."

Alongside Spears, Gibson and Siriex, Farage is also rumoured to be sharing a camp with YouTuber Nella Rose, JLS star Marvin Humes, boxer Tony Bellew, critic Grace Dent, jockey Frankie Dettori, soap star Danielle Harold, Made in Chelsea's Sam Thompson, and Hollyoaks' Nick Pickard.

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