Clarkson's Farm fans in frenzy as Gerald Cooper issues update on cancer battle: 'Happy and healthy'

Gerald Cooper

Gerald Cooper was diagnosed with prostate cancer

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 24/06/2024

- 20:09

Gerald Cooper revealed he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer back in season three of the Amazon Prime series

The Clarkson's Farm official X account gave an update on Gerald Cooper today which left fans in a frenzy and excited to see the "head of security" back in and around the farm.

Cooper was missing from the first four episodes of season three before Jeremy Clarkson gave viewers the devastating news that his colleague and friend had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

At the start of episode two, Jeremy Clarkson explained: "Gerald had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It's something that Kaleb (Cooper) and I discussed while trying to do what our absent friend normally does.

"I've been phoning around, doctors and things I know, and his odds are really good. But it's scaring him to death," he told young farmer Kaleb Cooper who in turn responded: "He doesn't understand."

Clarkson agreed: "No, I know he doesn't understand and he's bewildered because, for obvious reasons, somebody said, 'Look, it's cancer', and that's all he heard. He's desperately upset (and) terrified. Poor man."

Cooper added: "He's a strong man. He's worked the land all his life, he's not unfit, is he? He could do a day's work at 74."

Today, a picture of Cooper was posted on Clarkson's Farm X account and saw the farm hand happy and cheerful in a knitted sheep jumper, the caption read: "A healthy and happy Gerald!"

Fans flocked to the comment section, as one said: "Awesome news!"

"Can’t like this enough, we love Gerald!" another penned before a third commented: "So happy he’s doing well!"

"Brilliant news. A proper fighter our Gerald. Looking forward to seeing your next series," someone else noted before a fifth expressed: "Great news, all the best Gerald with your recovery. This is definitely one of those pics you can hear… but you can’t understand what you’re hearing!"

Gerald Cooper and Lisa Hogan

Lisa often updates her fans on her Instagram account


Cooper returned to the series in the second half of season three, and Clarkson was left over the moon when he realised that his friend had returned to work following an operation and treatment to combat the disease.

Embracing Clarkson in a hug, Cooper noted: "Lovely to see you, the man. I'm getting there," before Clarkson asked if he had been having any chemotherapy, to which Cooper revealed he'd had radiotherapy 37 times.

He admitted he was waiting for the all-clear from the doctor, but tearfully told the crew: "I would like to thank everybody, all of the film crew and all my friends here...

"All of you have been so kind to me and my family. So thank you very much," leaving everyone to raise a glass and Lisa Hogan to reply: "Gerald, we're here for you all the time."

Gerald Cooper

Gerald returned in the second half of series three and left fans delighted


The update comes as Hogan recently hit back at a social media user who branded the couple "spineless" after they decided it was best to have one of their sows, named Baroness, put down.

The pig had become seriously unwell, making her unable to walk or eat properly, and wasn't able to mother her young after Hogan shared a new update on Instagram of new pigs on the farm, one social media let rip with their assessment of Baroness' final scenes.

Despite the exciting addition, one disgruntled user wrote: "Letting Baroness die with the vet was heartless though. Lost my wife as a fan with that decision. Leaving it and not having the courage to be with the animal is the problem. Farm life isn’t easy. Leaving it and walking away is spineless."

Hogan responded on the Diddly Squat account and explained: "Baroness has a cancerous growth pushing against her lung. Without Amazon paying for an autopsy, we, like most farmers, would never have known."

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