Gerald Cooper delivers emotional health update as he returns to Clarkson's Farm following cancer diagnosis

Gerald Cooper delivers emotional health update as he returns to Clarkson's Farm following cancer diagnosis

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 10/05/2024

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Jeremy broke the news in the Clarkson's Farm season three opener that Gerald had been diagnosed with cancer

Gerald Cooper provided a well-received update about his health in the second half of Clarkson's Farm season three after being notably absent throughout the first four episodes.

Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper and Lisa Hogan had to run Diddly Squat without their popular colleague - and 'Head of Security' - as he'd been taken unwell, with Clarkson revealing in the season three opener it was prostate cancer.

The former Grand Tour star remained optimistic about Cooper's chances against the illness, however, telling his farm manager that "his odds were really good" but conceded the now 76-year-old was "terrified" and "desperately upset".

In the first episode of the second part of season three, Clarkson was over the moon to discover that Cooper had returned to work at Diddly Squat following an operation and treatment to combat the disease.

"Lovely to see you, my man," Cooper remarked as he gave a giant hug to Clarkson before the presenter asked: "How are you?"

"I'm getting there," Cooper replied before Clarkson questioned his pal: "Have you been having chemo or is it radio (therapy)?"

Clarkson's Farm season 3: Gerald Cooper

Clarkson's Farm season 3: Gerald Cooper reunited with Jeremy Clarkson at the start of part 2


Cooper then revealed he'd had radiotherapy "37 times" but was still waiting on getting the all-clear from doctors.

Luckily, that update came later in the series as Clarkson and the rest of the team at Diddly Squat wrapped up the season following their harvest.

Cooper even returned to get behind the wheel of a combine harvester to help harvest Clarkson's fields.

In an emotional final few moments of the series, Clarkson provided the update everyone had been waiting for regarding the Chadlington local's health.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson introduced Gerald Cooper to Clarkson's Farm viewers back in season 1


"I became a grandfather for the first time since we were last here," Clarkson began before gesturing at farm manager Cooper. "You became a father again."

Turning to the "G-Dog", he continued: "And you... the G-Dog... beat the big C! Thank you everybody for helping make this the best job in the world."

As Clarkson raised a glass, Cooper interjected to share an emotional speech of his own following a tumultuous few months.

A tearful Cooper turned to the crew behind the camera and said: "I would like to thank everybody, all of the film crew and all my friends here...

"All of you have been so kind to me and my family. So thank you very much."

As everyone raised a glass to him, Hogan commented: "Gerald, we're here for you all the time."

Gerald Cooper health: The Clarkson's Farm star

Gerald Cooper health: The Clarkson's Farm star was given the all-clear


The heartwarming moment and uplifting news of Cooper's all-clear was a welcome end to a series that'd delivered so many harrowing moments.

And with filming already well underway on the fourth season of Clarkson's Farm, fans can undoubtedly expect to see more from Cooper and the rest of the Diddly Squat family soon.

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