Channel 5 The Cuckoo under fire after divisive debut as fans threaten to turn off 'dull' and 'predictable' drama

Channel 5 The Cuckoo under fire after divisive debut as fans threaten to turn off 'dull' and 'predictable' drama

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 09/04/2024

- 08:31

Updated: 09/04/2024

- 08:35

The broadcaster left some viewers disappointed once again with its latest drama seriesoffering

Several The Cuckoo viewers have slammed the latest drama series from Channel 5, with many claiming they weren’t going to continue watching the show after a “dull” first episode.

Channel 5’s latest drama is a twisted tale of family secrets, close bonds and serious conflict and will play out across four episodes.

The series stars Jill Halfpenny, Lee Ingleby, Claire Goose and Freya Hannan-Mills, with the official synopsis reading: “Jessica, Nick, and their daughter, Alice, relocate to the countryside, hoping to leave financial struggles and family conflicts behind.

“Taking in a lodger, Sian charmingly befriends Jessica and Alice but raises Nick's suspicions. She instantly begins sewing discord within the family resulting in dark secrets surfacing as Alice and Sian grow closer.

“As their family reaches breaking point, Jessica and Nick uncover the truth of Sian's troubled past. In a race against time, Jessica and Nick must track down Sian before she can inflict any more pain on the family.

“As Jessica confronts Sian, she mysteriously disappears.”

The Cuckoo

Viewers of the Channel 5 series was slammed within minutes


The first episode began last night but just minutes into the show, many viewers took to their X accounts to slam the “dull” scenes, with some quick to switch off.

“I'm not feeling it!” one simply stated before another added: “Another dull, weird and no logic ‘drama’ by Channel 5.”

A third commented: “Nothing about this makes me want to watch the rest of it.”

“What a pile of s***e,” one annoyed viewer fumed before a fifth noted: “Little predictable so far or will there be a BIG twist?”

The Cuckoo

Channel 5’s latest drama is a twisted tale of family secrets


However, not all viewers were left let down by the show, as one happy watcher said: “Really enjoyed the first episode of #TheCuckoo Looking forward to seeing how this pans out!”

“A slow burner, but enjoying it so far and so good to see Jill Halfpenny play a bit of a nutter for a change instead of always being nice,” another added. (sic)

Halfpenny – who plays the lead role of Sian – recently opened up about working on the show and said to Channel 5: “Yes we were in a huge farmhouse for most of the shoot, which was so big, you only see a tiny bit of it on screen, and it’s in County Wicklow, which is a gorgeous part of Ireland.

“It was stunning and a great place to film. The difference is, if I’d filmed there in my 20s I’d have spent all my spare time exploring the area.

The Cuckoo

Jill Halfpenny stars in the latest Channel 5 drama


“But in my 40s I spent my breaks trying to get in touch with my son’s school or booking a dentist appointment, the boring logistics of life!"

Producer Suzi McIntosh added: “I could not be more excited to be gathering such a fantastic and dynamic cast and crew to make this thriller that will keep us on the edge of our seats throughout.

“Watch this space, we are all in for a treat.”

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