Channel 5 Coma sparks 'switch off' as viewers divided over 'awful' and 'entirely predictable' Jason Watkins drama

Channel 5 Coma sparks 'switch off' as viewers divided over 'awful' and 'entirely predictable' Jason Watkins drama

WATCH HERE: Jason Watkins stars in new Channel 5 drama Coma

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 20/03/2024

- 19:00

Updated: 21/03/2024

- 09:09

Jason Watkins has starred in some of the biggest series such as The Crown, Des and Line of Duty

Channel 5 has been slammed once again after viewers were left divided over their latest four-part drama – Coma – which stars Jason Watkins.

The show follows Simon (played by Watkins) who is a devoted family man but finds himself at breaking point when his neighbourhood is terrorized by a group of vandalising teenagers.

The synopsis of the show continues: “Simon and his wife, Beth (Claire Skinner) are desperate to move their young daughter to a safer area away from the threatening atmosphere.

“When Simon's frustration reaches its peak and he confronts Jordan outside his own home, a split-second decision changes everything.”

Episode one began on Monday night – with the final episode airing on Thursday – but disgruntled viewers were left unsatisfied within minutes of the show airing.

Taking to their X account to moan, one viewer commented: “F***ing amazing how Channel 5 can consistently get a quality cast together and get them to act in an absolute pile of s**t. Must have deep pockets #Coma.”

Jason Watkins

Jason Watkins plays the character Simon in the latest Channel 5 drama


“I’m only running with #coma cos there’s literally nothing else on the other main channels,” another added before a third noted: “Watching Coma on Channel 5. Dreadful acting. Poor stuff. Entirely predictable script. Yawn. #Coma.”

Another quipped: “#Coma on Channel 5 had loads of potential but its absolute garbage!!! The storyline is decent but my word the Acting is awful.... I don't like not being able to binge either!!”

“I usually love watching Jason Watkins, but this is so God damn awful. #Coma,” another said, before an annoyed user exclaimed: “Not making the same mistake as last week, it’s rubbish I’ve turned it off #coma.”

Whilst many viewers weren’t happy with the series, not all were disappointed as one happy fan said: “#coma on @channel5_tv is twisty and gripping and entertaining … #jonasarmstrong is brilliantly menacing as Paul Franklin; his scenes with Jason Watkins are so, so tension-filled. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.”


Viewers of the show switched off minutes into the show


“Jason Watkins and Jonas Armstrong are BRILLIANT in #coma,” another watcher praised. (sic)

Ahead of the show airing, Watkins opened up on what was to come for his character and said: “He makes this terrible decision when he's confronted with this 17-year-old.

“He does the wrong thing and suffers the consequences. Maybe this is a generalisation, but often men think, 'I can cope, I'll take the burden off my family’.

“But of course it just implodes and there's a history of him being quite vulnerable and having mental health issues. He won't own up and the world starts to close in on him,” he told Ben Shepard and Cat Deeley on This Morning.

Jason Watkins

Channel 5 viewers were fuming at the latest drama


This is the second week in a row that Channel 5 viewers were left disappointed with the broadcaster’s original dramas.

Last week, many took an issue with Sally Lindsay’s Love Rat, after many claimed it was the “worst drama ever seen”.

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