Louis Walsh branded ‘nasty’ and ‘bitter’ as Cheryl fans slam star for discussing nightclub toilet assault saga

Louis Walsh branded ‘nasty’ and ‘bitter’ as Cheryl fans slam star for discussing nightclub toilet assault saga

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 20/03/2024

- 16:06

Louis Walsh has continued to dish the dirt on his fellow A-list celebrities despite receiving some serious backlash

Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh has seemingly reignited his feud with popstar and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole during last night’s episode.

Walsh previously claimed Bob Geldof was “full of s**t”, started a war with Jedward and dished on the behind-the-scenes secrets of working on X Factor with Simon Cowell.

Last night, he discussed his time knowing Cheryl and upset a lot of her fans with his remarks - leading them to brand the former manager “nasty” and “bitter”.

Whilst sitting in the kitchen, Marisha Wallace stated that Girls Aloud was back together which prompted Zeze Millz to quip: “We don’t need Cheryl Cole on her own.

“There was a big incident where she beat up a toilet attendant. She had a black eye,” Millz added, to which Walsh confirmed the story.

After he said it was "weird" that the band didn't "break America", Walsh weighed in: "I was her manager... it's true."

Girls Aloud

Cheryl found her fame with girl band Girls Aloud


Wallace asked if Cheryl was "drunk" at the time of the incident, to which Walsh replied: "Probably just... unprepared.

"She hit that woman, (gave her) a big black eye. Oh, it was huge. Big story."

When Millz said Cheryl had managed to come away from the saga "unscathed", Walsh added: "It was not forgotten. It's not forgotten."

He went on: She had very good PR. Very good PR. A great company. They did their best."

X Factor

Cheryl and Louis worked together on the X Factor


The incident in question occurred back in 2003 when Cheryl was accused of racially aggravated assault after being involved in an altercation with a nightclub toilet attendant – Sophie Amogbokpa.

The Sound of the Underground singer was cleared of the racially aggravated assault charge but was found guilty of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

Viewers of the show and fans of Cheryl were left furious at their conversation, leaving one to comment on their X account: “Don’t tell about things you have NO evidence or proof on.

“No one knows the story. Very low move about Cheryl on #CBBUK. Disappointed in them airing it and obviously the ‘celebrities’ in the house that brought her up.”

Another added: “Not mentioning the fact it was in self-defence. Idk why everybody always fail to mention that. Everyone always remembers to mention what she did though. Really disappointed by this.”

A third commented: “They are just jealous of her, Cheryl is such a beautiful person inside and out and is able to reflect on the past and grow from it which is something the likes of Louis can’t do.

“They want to stay relevant bless, but they’ll never been Queen Cheryl.”

“When people tell half the story to make someone look bad when they have 0 knowledge on the incident, and have missed out all the facts,” a fourth replied.

Louis Walsh

Louis slammed Cheryl after discussing Girls Aloud and her assault charge


A fifth fan fumed: “Really!!!! Really!!!!!! Remember all those years ago how horrible Louis was to her constantly and recently in the house! Nasty bitter man Louis.” (sic)

This wasn’t the only time where Cheryl's name was in Walsh’s mouth, as he later went on to discuss how “smug” she was when Cowell managed to book her Beyonce.

During the 2008 series, winner Alexandra Burke sang alongside Beyonce while boyband JLS sang with Westlife.

Commenting on the incident, Walsh said: “We took it so f*****g seriously, and we all wanted to win. We were pretending it was about the show, we all wanted to win and we were all trying to upstage each other with songs and performances.

"Cheryl was, she was kind of smug with me, I wanted to beat her as well.”

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