BBC Radio 1 faces mass 'boycott' as prime-time DJ quits and is replaced by 'unlistenable' new host

BBC Radio 1 faces mass 'boycott' as prime-time DJ quits and is replaced by 'unlistenable' new host

Jordan North confused as to why he wasn't invited to King's Coronation

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 16/02/2024

- 12:17

Updated: 16/02/2024

- 12:35

BBC Radio 1 has lost many of its biggest names in the last couple of months, with Jordan North being the latest

BBC Radio 1 has left its listeners frustrated - and some even threatening to "boycott' the afternoon slot - after the station announced that Jordan North would be leaving.

North has worked with the BBC for 10 years and gained a loyal following through his cheeky and loveable presenting skills.

The official Radio 1 X account announced today that North would no longer be hosting his primetime radio show – leaving listeners furious.

Posting the news, it said: “Radio 1 will be saying goodbye to Jordan North. Jordan has been behind some of the most hilarious and entertaining moments on air over the years and has been a constant source of inspiration for younger presenters. Thank you for everything.”

North’s fans were furious with the news and prompted one user to comment: “This was unexpected! Wtf!? Now you only have @gregjames, @MattEdmondson and @MollieKing keeping you afloat! Radio 1 is a sinking ship!”

“Why do the good ones always leave?” a second asked before another added: “Best presenter on the station gone.”

Jordan North

Jordan has worked for the BBC for 10 years


One eagle-eyed viewer noticed there was no information as to when or why North would be leaving and expressed: “No leaving date?

“With immediate effect? Has he been sacked??? Something strange with this post.....” as a fifth user echoed: “Hoping it's his choice.” (sic)

North’s exit comes after Clara Amfo and Tony Blackburn also stepped away from their respective BBC Radio shows in recent months.

It didn’t take long for the BBC to announce who would be replacing North and urged their X followers to welcome Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing to the team.

It wrote: “Jamie Laing will join Vick Hope to co-host Going Home on Radio 1 (15:30 – 18:00, Monday to Thursday), starting on Monday 4 March. Huge congratulations.”

This caused further chaos from BBC listeners as one fumed: “A funny show just got made unlistenable, poor Vick. If I was her I'd get out quick.”

“Won't be listening to that anymore then," another added before a third also vowed to boycott the show. "Another pointless celebrity on either radio or TV. Why is there such an obsession with all these talentless made in people."

Not all were upset with the news, as one user praised: “Jamie is a fab pairing with Vick! He’s hilarious. It’s going to be laughs galore which is just what we need after a long day at work.” (sic)

Vik Hope and Jordan North

Jordan worked alongside Vick for their Drivetime show


Speaking about his new role, Laing said: “I've loved every minute that I've been on air with Radio 1 in recent years, so to be joining Vick on Drivetime is just incredible.

"I'm beyond excited to get started and keep listeners company on their journeys home."

Head of Radio 1, Aled Haydn Jones added: “His infectious energy and love for music and culture will bring an exciting new element to Drivetime.”

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