BBC Great British Sewing Bee fans left 'furious' as they slam judges' exit decision: 'Makes no sense!'

Patrick  Grant and Alex

The Great British Sewing Bee fans weren't pleased with the judges' decision to eliminate Alex

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 11/07/2024

- 11:14

The BBC competition sparked a huge backlash among viewers on Wednesday night

The Great British Sewing Bee fans have once again taken to social media to express their disappointment over the latest episode.

Judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young were at the centre of their complaints this time, with fans blasting their decision to eliminate Alex from the competition.

BBC viewers complained online after it was decided Alex would be sent packing over Suzy, who fans thought should have been eliminated weeks prior for consistently being in the bottom two.

It comes after recent episodes sparked calls for a major change to the format of the competition, with many deeming it "unfair".

The latest episode saw the five remaining sewers tasked with diva-themed challenges, inspired by iconic artists such as Elton John and Mariah Carey.

In one task, they had to create their own version of Tina Turner's iconic fringed dress and were later asked to envision a "diva on their day off" to inspire their creation.


Some Great British Sewing Bee fans argued Suzy should have left instead of Alex


Following these, the final challenge saw the contestants choosing a stage outfit for their favourite diva.

When all the tasks had ended, the judges opted to send Alex home, with Grant explaining: "At this point in the competition, somebody good has to go.

"Alex has been consistently one of our technically best sewers, she's also shown creativity at times.

"But today, her diva costume lacked the diva spirit and her sewing skills let her down.

Great British Sewing Bee

BBC fans slammed Sewing Bee judges Patrick Grant and Esme Young


"It's really sad to be saying goodbye to her but she can go away remembering some of the fantastic things she has made."

Taking the news graciously, Alex stated: "It takes some resilience to be in this room.

"It's wonderful and it's a massive learning experience but it's not easy. The sewers in here have got resilience in spades."

However, viewers weren't quite as accepting in the comments on X. One person fumed: "How does Suzy stay in week after week with these unfinished garments??

"I really feel that the wrong person has gone home the last couple weeks. #SewingBee."

"I'm so disappointed that Alex has gone. She's far & away the better sewer. And she finished garments. I'm sure it never used to be down to the final sew. It's the only one Suzy can do cos she's practiced. Very fed up this week. #SewingBee," another fumed.

Patrick Grant and Esma Young

The Great British Sewing Bee judges have been criticised throughout the series


"Makes no sense to me, Alex has done amazingly again and again, yet they've chosen her to leave over someone who has messed up over and over #sewingbee," someone else commented.

Also complaining about Suzy being given another chance, another added: "And she survives again! She's been in the bottom two for the past four weeks now. I don't understand. #SewingBee."

Another viewer remarked: "The judges really aren’t bothered about the quality of sewing. Suzy, as lovely as she is, wouldn’t know a seam allowance if it hit her in the face! Every piece she has sewn has been rough with raw edges. Look at the raw hem under her so called diva coat. Furious! #SewingBee."

However, some people did support the judges' choice and defended Suzy, with another fan commenting: "I won't stand for Suzy slander on the timeline.

"She's consistently ambitious and imaginative, and that does actually count for a lot, imo, in a show that could very easily be a bland parade of perfectly boring frocks. I think she’s great. #sewingbee." (sic)

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