Bambie Thug shouts impromptu political statement amid Ireland's Eurovision entry's anti-Israel controversy

Bambie Thug shouts impromptu political statement amid Ireland's Eurovision entry's anti-Israel controversy

WATCH HERE: Ireland's Bambie Thug performs during the Eurovision Song Contest

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 11/05/2024

- 21:42

Updated: 12/05/2024

- 09:54

The 31-year-old performer hasn't held back with their political views in recent days

Bambie Thug, Ireland's non-binary Eurovision entry, took the opportunity to make a statement moments after belting out their tune, Doomsday Blue, during Saturday's final.

The singer, who's already come under fire for the "Satanic" symbolism in their routine, has also hit headlines for their stance on Israel's inclusion.

In fact, Bambie Thug reportedly "cried" alongside their team when they discovered Israel had made it through to the final.

Israel, who is represented this year by Eden Golan, has been met with choruses of boos and jeers during rehearsals and performances so far - although Graham Norton said she was met with a "mixed reception" in the final.

The opposition to Golan's performances surrounds Israel's ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza and the subsequent death toll of innocent Palestinians.

While the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has tried to limit political grandstanding throughout the contest so far, Bambie Thug took the chance to make a stand seconds after finishing their song on Saturday night.

Bambie Thug

Bambie Thug yelled out at the end of their performance during the Eurovision final


Before the cameras could cut away from the singer and as the audience applauded, Bambie Thug screeched: "Love will always triumph hate."

The singer was wearing a revealing two-piece adorned in the colours blue, pink and white at the time to resemble the trans flag.

Bambie Thug's decision to make a stand comes just days after they were told off by EBU bosses for reportedly trying to incorporate pro-Palestine messages into their outfit.

The EBU reportedly made Bambie Thug remove the words "Ceasefire" and "Saoirse Don Phalistin" - which translates from Irish Gaelic to "freedom for Palestine" - after they were written on their face and legs.

They later told the media: "Unfortunately I had to change those messages today to ‘crown the witch’ only, in order from the EBU."

The singer has been critical of the EBU for its decision to keep Israel in the contest, previously saying the organisation needs to "gain some conscience" and "humanity".

Bambie Thug's stance certainly divided Eurovision fans across the globe but notably also irked fellow Irish native and singer Brian McFadden.

The former Westlife singer took to X, formerly Twitter, to unleash a brutal verdict about his country's Eurovision hopeful.

Bambie Thug

Bambie Thug has openly discussed their political views ahead of the Eurovision final


In response to an article that included Bambie Thug's remarks, McFadden penned: "Ireland was so honoured to have some incredible Eurovision winners like, what’s another year, all kinds of everything, why me, rock n roll kids, the voice, hold me now. Songs that inspired us as a nation.

"And let’s not forget what river dance did for our country," he continued before signing off: "I hate that we are now bending down to fit the criteria." (sic)

Bambie Thug's political statements appear to have done them no harm when it comes to popularity among Eurovision fans and the jury.

The 31-year-old is among the favourites to lift the Eurovision trophy but faces stiff competition from the likes of Croatia, Israel and Switzerland.

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