Met Office hints snow to fall as low pressure drags freezing Scandinavian air over Britain

Met Office hints snow to fall as low pressure drags freezing Scandinavian air over Britain

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 30/03/2024

- 17:07

It currently forecast to be an unsettled April

The Met Office has suggested that snow may fall in the coming weeks following a wave of freezing air coming from Scandinavia.

Latest forecasts have indicated that the north of the UK could see some snow with a chance that temperatures could fall.

It comes after a forecasted period of unsettled weather in the week following the Easter bank holiday.

Showers are expected throughout next week, however, there could drier brighter and colder conditions dominating further north.

Snow forecast map

Snow is expected to hit parts of the UK in the coming weeks

The forecast for Wednesday, April 3 to Friday, April 12 said: "The ongoing unsettled spell of weather seems likely to continue through the first few weeks of April.

"Initially, the heaviest and most frequent spells of rain and showers are likely to be across southern parts of the UK, with drier brighter and colder conditions dominating further north. However, by the end of next week all parts are likely to have some rain or showers.

"As this transition takes place in the north, some snow is possible for a time. Overall, temperatures near or above average, although rather cold with night frost at first in the north.

"Often windy, especially in the south and west. Towards mid-month, the very unsettled weather may begin to ease, with some drier interludes probably developing."


April showers

There could be some mixed weather


For the rest of this week, Tuesday is forecast to be a largely dry day with light winds, some scattered showers could break out in parts of the south, although confidence in weather details decreases significantly through the day.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Dan Harris said: "At present Tuesday looks mostly settled, between one area of low pressure responsible for Monday’s rain in the south or southeast, clearing to the east, and another low arriving from the southwest later.

"How quickly this second low and associated rain arrives is a significant point of uncertainty in the longer-range forecast.

"But it will herald a further spell through early April of unsettled weather focussed particularly across southern areas; best chance of any more settled conditions, and probably colder conditions, will be across the north of the UK."

Looking through the rest of April, it is expected to remain unsettled, with a chance of mixed weather throughout.

The Met Office forecast that "Through mid to late April, there is no strong signal for any one particular weather pattern to dominate over another.

"As such, further rain and showers are likely at times, but there is also a reasonable chance of some drier and sunnier spells of weather.

"Temperatures most likely near or a little above normal."

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