Britons warned of the 'most stressful' city breaks including holiday hotspots in Italy and France

Buildings in Marseille / woman looking stressed

Marseille was ranked as the most stressful city in France

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 16/02/2024

- 10:16

The most stressful places to go on holiday have been shared

A city break is a great way to explore a new part of the world.

However, new research reveals the spots to avoid if looking for a relaxing weekend.

The Serene Cities Index from MoneySuperMarket Travel Insurance looked at 75 countries to find the most and least stressful cities.

New York City was most stressful based on factors such as noise, traffic congestion and average sunshine hours.

Cars in traffic in New York City

New York City was found to be the most stressful break


The happiness and friendliness of residents were also considered in the research and they were given an index score.

The higher the score, the more relaxing a destination is. New York City got a low index score of 47.9 out of 100.

This was followed closely by a European city, Istanbul, which scored 47.9.

Much of the list was made up of cities in Europe, including three popular destinations in Italy and two in France.

Most stressful city breaks

1. New York City, United States - 47.4

2. Istanbul, Turkey - 47.9

3. Los Angeles, United States - 49.3

4. Marseille, France - 50

5. Philadelphia, United States - 50.1

6. Brussels, Belgium - 53.3

7. Venice, Italy - 53.6

8. Milan, Italy - 53.7

9. Naples, Italy - 54.1

10. Paris, France - 54.7

Hollywood sign Los Angeles

Los Angeles also made the list


Holidaymakers who want to relax on their breaks this year can visit one of the most tranquil holiday spots.

Research found Crete in Greece to be the most relaxing place for Britons to go.

Looking to go further afield? Phuket in Thailand and Dubai in the UAE also ranked highly.

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