'Let them suffer!' Britons threaten to boycott Spain as anti-tourist feeling increases - 'watch them beg tourists back'

Malaga, Spain

Britons are getting fed up of Spain

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 09/07/2024

- 12:53

One tourist said: "I wonder what would happen to Barcelona if the tourists stopped going there"

Spain is an incredibly popular tourist destination among Britons seeking sun, sea and sand. However, anti-tourist sentiment in the country has pushed some holidaymakers away.

GB News readers have shared their views and threatened to boycott the holiday destination.

One holidaymaker added that "if the Spaniards don't want us, plenty of others do", stating that Croatia, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco and Malta are all great getaway options.

Another said: "Fine!! Don't go to Spain people, let's see how long they last. Go to Greece instead - they are very keen to have us."

Some Britons have vowed to boycott Spain over fears they are "unwelcome", claiming "never again".

Catalonia, Spain

A disgruntled Briton suggested: 'Let's just all boycott let's see how long before they are begging for us to return'


Recently, anti-tourism protesters used water pistols to drench restaurant-goers in the capital.

Indeed, an expat in Spain warned of growing anti-foreigner feelings in the tourist hotspot. He claimed that with foreigners buying up real estate in Spain, some locals are left without access to affordable housing.

Thousands of Spaniards have taken to the streets in recent weeks and months to protest against over-tourism.

Locals marched against mass tourism in the Balearic Islands, following demonstrations in popular holiday destinations Majorca and Menorca.

New laws have also affected Britons in Spain, with crackdowns on the selling of alcohol, plus appropriate behaviour during Stag and Hen parties.

Following the incident where tourists were drenched with water pistols, Britons expressed their annoyance and reluctance to return to Spain.

One GB News reader said: "People need to give these countries a miss. Their economy grew on tourism. Let's just all boycott let's see how long before they are begging for us to return. I certainly wouldn't. Plenty of other welcoming places to go on holiday."

Another seconded this: "And when there are no tourists and more unemployed and their economy collapses because so many businesses depend on tourism, will that make them happy?

"I for one will not be going to Spain again. There are so many beautiful parts of the world to see that welcome tourists."

A third said: "Watch them beg tourists back if they stop going." Another added: "Been there, very overpriced - won't be going back. Good luck."


La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Anti-tourism protestors used water pistols to drench restaurant-goers in Barcelona


Another said: "Don't go to Spain for holidays. Let them suffer without tourism - plenty of other places to go." Similarly, one argued: "Just go to Greece or Turkey, they are happy to welcome Brits."

The standard of life for the residents of Spain will drastically drop without tourism, one claimed.

However, some did sympathise with the plight of the locals. One reader said: "I don’t blame them if they have had enough of tourists, it’s their country."

Another agreed: "Maybe they just want their country back. People feel that nothing is in their hands."

Some called for the "banning" of Airbnb, to help the issue of locals not being able to access affordable housing.

One said: "[I] have no problem with getting rid of Airbnb if it is needed to protect housing, however, it seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Tourism is valuable for most countries - there are plenty of tourism options elsewhere."

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