Ryanair adds extra flights to its network in response to surge in demand following 'pilot strikes'

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The additional flights will take place on two days

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 24/06/2024

- 16:49

The budget airline has introduced additional flights to cater for a surge in demand

Ryanair is selling additional flights to cater for the hike in demand following cancellations due to industrial action.

The budget airline is offering extra tickets to and from London Stansted, Malaga and Faro on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of June.

It comes on the back of industrial action by IALPA pilots at Aer Lingus which has led to the revocation of more than 244 flights.

Ryanair representatives say the pilot strikes at Aer Lingus have caused many flights to sell out next weekend.

Ryanair flights

Ryanair has updated its flights


Two additional return flights to and from London Stansted will run on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of June, the airline confirmed.

It will also add flights on the Malaga / Dublin route on Saturday 29th and Faro / Dublin route on Sunday 30th of June.

Ryanair's chief marketing officer Dara Brady said: “We decided last week not to increase airfares in response to the Aer Lingus pilot strikes.

“As a result, many of our flights next weekend have completely sold out. We are pleased to be able to add these extra flights to London, Malaga and Faro next weekend using one of our spare aircraft."

Brady warned the flights risk selling out quickly, urging all intending passengers whose Aer Lingus flights have been cancelled to book quickly and early to available for these very scarce additional seats.

“In the meantime, we are working with Aer Lingus to accept some of their transfer passengers (although we have very limited seat availability) during the school holidays," she added.

“We are working with Aer Lingus to assist disrupted passengers where we have seat availability.

“We have also offered Aer Lingus some wet lease capacity over the coming days if that will assist them to help disrupted passengers during these regrettable and unnecessary pilot strikes.”

It comes after the budget airline introduced more flights for Britons going on holiday over the summer.

Ryanair is offering extra seats on 11 new routes, giving travellers additional options if travelling for the Euros.


Ryan air

The additional flights come on the back of industrial action


The budget airline has added 11,000 extra seats to cater to a surge in demand around the football tournament.

Jade Kirwan, Ryanair's head of communications, said the flights will ensure "all footy fans can enjoy the Championship in person."

The extra flights will cover the following routes:

Birmingham - Dortmund (new route)

Birmingham - Frankfurt (new route)

Birmingham - Cologne (new route)

Bristol - Frankfurt (new route)

Bristol - Cologne (new route)

Edinburgh - Memmingen (new route)

Edinburgh - Cologne (new route)

Edinburgh - Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (new route)

Glasgow - Memmingen (new route)

Glasgow to Cologne (new route)

London Stansted - Frankfurt (additional capacity)

London Stansted - Cologne (additional capacity)

Manchester - Frankfurt (new route)

Manchester - Cologne (additional capacity)

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