'Spectacular' city with 'unspoilt countryside' is best UK spot for a relaxing walk - is your area on the list?

Couple walk in the UK / The Weir Garden

The Weir Garden was found to be the most relaxing park

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 22/04/2024

- 12:05

Beautiful walks across the UK have made the list of best places for a relaxing walk

As the days get longer, it is a great opportunity to get outside and explore some of the best walks the UK has to offer.

New data revealed the 20 cities that have the most relaxing areas to enjoy a stroll in the UK, with Hereford taking the crown.

The research analysed 200,000 Tripadvisor reviews of popular parks in UK cities and towns to find which had the most mentions of words such as "relaxing", "calm", "peaceful" and "tranquil".

While Hereford was in the number one spot, cities across, Scotland, England and Wales were included meaning many people will be near a relaxing walk.

Lincoln street

Lincoln was in the top three


Most relaxing walks

1. Hereford

2. Bristol

3. Lincoln

4. Milton Keynes

5. Oxford

6. Gloucester

7. Swansea

8. Carlisle

9. Warrington

10. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

11. Leamington Spa

12. Southport

13. Bath

14. Cardiff

15. Chichester

16. Aberdeen

17. Leicester

18. Mansfield

19. Edinburgh

20. York

The Weir Garden is the most popular park in Hereford, according to the research conducted by Injury Claims. The National Trust says visitors can "escape to this spectacular riverside garden and be absorbed by natural beauty".

It added: "Bordered by the River Wye, The Weir sits within unspoilt Herefordshire countryside and has many historical secrets to uncover.

"For centuries this site has been used as a pleasure ground for fishing, boating and swimming. It is managed in a natural way to create a varied habitat for wildlife.

"In spring, see carpets of bulbs littered between ancient trees, in summer enjoy a picnic by the river to watch the wildlife and in autumn visit the walled garden bursting with seasonal produce."

Other popular parks on the list included Hartsholme Park in Lincoln, Emberton Country Park in Milton Keynes and Christ Church Meadow in Oxford.

Clifton suspension bridge

Bristol made the list


Durham Heritage Coast was number one on the list, followed by Snowdonia, Jurassic Coast and the Outer Hebrides.

The experts said: "Spanning the coastline from Sunderland to Hartlepool, the Durham Heritage Coast offers a unique 11-mile coastal walk that comes to life during the spring and makes for a great staycation.

"Those taking the walk, which starts by Seaham Harbour, will come across the spectacular grasslands and coastal denes, along the idyllic trail which is brimming over with flora and fauna throughout the year. But it really is during springtime when the area comes into its own, with its woodland providing a habitat fit for animals including deer, foxes, badgers, birds and bats, while the woodland plays host to a wide array of wildflowers.

"For sealife lovers, visiting in the spring means you might be lucky enough to spot a whole host of different kinds of sea creatures."

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