Spain players get mocking and matching tattoos after England Women's World Cup win

Spain England tattoos Women's World Cup

Spain players have got matching tattoos after beating England in the Women's World Cup final

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 24/08/2023

- 11:11

La Roja got the better of the Lionesses on Sunday

Spain players have got matching temporary tattoos to mock FA president Luis Rubiales following their Women's World Cup final win over England on Sunday.

Olga Carmona scored the only goal of the game to break the hearts of the Lionesses, who were outplayed on the day.

After the match, Rubiales caused controversy by kissing player Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth.

She later revealed she 'didn't like' the gesture, though the Spanish FA chief has since insisted he had no bad intentions.

Spain England Women's World Cup

Spain chief Luis Rubiales has been criticised for his kiss after England Women's World Cup win


And Spain players have now got matching tattoos that read 'there's no summer without a kiss' following the incident.

Hermoso and several of her team-mates have shared images on social media of their matching ink.

Members of the team have been relaxing on a yacht on holiday in Ibiza following their sensational triumph.

Alexia Putellas, Ona Batlle, Teresa Abelleira and Cata Coll have joined Hermoso in making light of the scandal, all sharing their snaps on Instagram and other social media channels.

Some opted to display the message across their chests, while others had the tattoos done on their legs instead.

While the players have decided to mock the scandal, not everybody has been impressed with Rubiales' behaviour.

Spain's acting prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, slammed the 46-year-old by saying: “What we saw was an unacceptable gesture.

“And the apologies he has given are not enough, I believe they are not adequate.

"He needs to continue to take steps to clarify what we all saw.”

Sanchez also hailed the Spain players for their win, adding: "It's formidable, you are world champions.

“But you have achieved something else that is so important.

"And that is that girls that are watching you now see football as a place where they can develop professionally and personally. You are role models."

Rubiales has since apologised for his kiss, saying: "I was completely wrong, I have to admit it."

He added: "It was without bad intention at a time with a lot of excitement. In the moment, we saw it as natural, but outside a commotion has formed.

"I have to apologise, learn from this, and understand that when you are president you have to be more careful."

Spain’s women’s football league, La Liga F, have lodged a complaint with the president of the Nationak Sports Council over Rubiales' 'very serious actions and behaviour."

They also said: “For a boss to grab his employee by the head and kiss her on the mouth simply cannot be tolerated.

“The subsequent justifications are, as the prime minister described it, ‘inadequate.'"

And they also highlighted another incident when Rubiales appeared to grab his genitals to celebrate Spain's win.


Spain Olga Carmona England Women's World Cup

Olga Carmona scored the only goal of the game as Spain beat England in the final of the Women's World Cup


“It’s not just about the kiss," they continued. "Celebrating the triumph on the presidential balcony while holding his genitals next to the queen is unacceptable and disgusting.”

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