Spain make decision on unpopular manager Jorge Vilda after England Women's World Cup win

Spain Jorge Vilda England Womens World Cup

Spain boss Jorge Vilda looks set to stay after England Women's World Cup win

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 25/08/2023

- 13:11

The 42-year-old guided his side to victory at the tournament on Sunday

Spain want to keep manager Jorge Vilda following their Women's World Cup final victory over England on Sunday.

The 42-year-old's methods angered his players during the course of the tournament, with many unhappy at the way he treats them.

Vilda was also criticised after footage seemed to emerge showing the Spain boss grabbing a female staff member's breast during the final.

However, he's now been offered a new four-year contract.

Luis Rubiales Spain

Luis Rubiales has praised Jorge Vilda after Spain beat England to win the Women's World Cup


Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales, who also confirmed he wouldn't be resigning after he kissed a player during the medals ceremony, made the announcement on Friday.

"I have activated the mechanisms to start a negotiation with you in which I invite you to stay with us for the next four years charging half a million euros a year," he said.

"You deserve it' since you are the best coach in the world and you have earned it with the conquest of the World Cup, because you (Vilda) and your coaching staff are also World Champions."

Rubiales made the announcement at a press conference while speaking in front of an audience.

Many greeted the news with a round of applause, with the majority of those in attendance men.

Vilda, should he stay, will need to repair relations with many members of his playing squad.

There was talk the La Roja boss would be sacked before the tournament even started in Australia and New Zealand.

His name was even booed by fans once the competition commenced, with 15 players originally withdrawing from the squad before 12 returned for this year's tournament.

But Vilda managed to survive talk of a departure to guide Spain to the trophy at the expense of England on Sunday.

The Spain boss was accused of checking players' bags when they returned from shopping trips, such was his desire for control.

And it was also alleged that he demanded to know who they were meeting outside of the team camp.

Now, however, he looks set to stay and will be hoping to guide Spain to more silverware going forward.

As for Rubieles, the 46-year-old refused to resign from his post after causing controversy by kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips - though did apologise and also admitted he regretted the decision to grab his crotch in celebration as his side secured victory.

He ranted: "This is the body that elected me and the body to which I must give explanations.

"I want to thank everyone for the messages of support that you have sent me, there have been many messages that I have received.

"I want to apologise for an event that occurred in the (VIP) box (at the final).

"I am going to explain it because I was looking at Jorge Vilda (the Spanish women's manager). We have been through a lot together, and they have wanted to do to you the same thing that they are doing to me now, they are trying to create a false version of events and turn it into reality.

"I was very emotional after we won the World Cup and you (Vilda) turned around and dedicated the win to me.

"There I made the gesture (of grabbing his crotch), I apologise to Her Majesty the Queen.


Spain Jorge Vilda England Women's World Cup

Spain are happy with manager Jorge Vilda after England Women's World Cup win


"I have never behaved like this in a box before. I do not justify myself, sorry.

"I want to give my explanation about the peck (small kiss), it was a peck.

"The desire that I could have giving that kiss was the same desire that I could have giving my daughter a kiss, here there was no dominance."

He added: "It was spontaneous, mutual and consensual. It was consensual.

"I have a great relationship with all the players and we had very affectionate moments in this tournament."

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