Luke Littler doesn't pick up his own kebabs as details given ahead of World Darts Championship final

Luke Littler doesn't pick up his own kebabs as details given ahead of World Darts Championship final

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 03/01/2024

- 09:23

The teenager has not hidden his love for kebabs during the tournament

Luke Littler has had a kebab after every victory at the World Darts Championship so far.

The 16-year-old has treated himself on each step of his stunning journey at Alexandra Palace but it has emerged that he hasn't actually picked up the dinner himself.

Littler has taken the tournament by storm and put in his best performance yet in Tuesday's semi-final against Rob Cross.

He beat the 2018 champion 6-2 to set up a final against the new World No 1 Luke Humphries on Wednesday, who demolished Scott Williams 6-0.

Luke Littler eating a kebab

Luke Littler has treated himself to a kebab after every win


Littler has celebrated in style at his London hotel by having a mixed doner wrap from fast-food chain German Doner Kebab after every win.

GDK have a shop just 350 yards from the Hilton Hotel that Littler is staying at in Angel in north London.

Shah Zandi is one of the store's managers and he is delighted to have played a part in Littler's rise to stardom.

He also revealed the preferred order of the teenage sensation.

He told the Mail: "We're proud to be helping to power him to victory.

"The mixed doner wrap is very tasty. It's not too spicy and it has a generous mix of meat, sauce and salad.

"It's not overloaded with ingredients, simple but tasty. Just like he prefers.

"I've been working here for eight years and I eat the same kebab as him practically every day. For me, it's the best in Islington."

Littler recently posted a picture of himself eating a kebab with GDK's famous hexagonal wrapping.

But Zandi revealed that, despite the shop being nearby, Littler has not actually picked up his order himself.

He added: "We haven't had the pleasure of seeing him in this shop yet so he either gets someone to go and pick it up for him or he orders online.


Luke Littler

Luke Littler has stormed into the World Darts Championship final


"The Hilton is very close by. In that photo of him eating the kebab in his hotel foyer, you can see the wrapping paper we use.

"Plus it looks like he's had a spring roll as a side.

"I'm glad he enjoys it and wish him all the best for the rest of the tournament."

There will be no kebab before this evening's final against Humphries.

Littler will instead be continuing his own tradition by enjoying a ham and cheese omelette and a pizza.

Luke Littler press conference

Luke Littler has had plenty of media attention


"I'll be doing what I've been doing," he said.

"In the morning I'll go for my ham and cheese omelette and then come here, have a pizza and then prep on the board.

"That is what I've done every day."

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