Ex-ref warns trans players could ‘destroy’ women’s football as FA urged to consider ban: ‘It’s just WRONG!’

Ex-ref warns trans players could ‘destroy’ women’s football as FA urged to consider ban: ‘It’s just WRONG!’

A former ref says trans players in the women's game is 'just wrong'

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 20/03/2024

- 17:45

Janie Frampton says trans players in the women's game is a 'tricky situation'

Former referee Janie Frampton has demanded action on trans football players competing in the women’s game.

Speaking on GB News, she warned they could ‘destroy’ the sport for women as she called on the FA to implement a ‘case-by-case’ system to address the matter.

“This is a very tricky discussion”, she told Martin Daubney.

“I do believe every single case should be discussed on merit. It’s not all about testosterone levels.

England women's team and Janie Frampton

Janie Frampton is concerned about trans players playing women's football


“It’s about the physical size of somebody born as a male rather than a female.

“Whether you want to decide on testosterone levels or not, you can’t cut a few inches off their arms if they are a goalkeeper.”


GB News’ Daubney waded in on the discussion to add trans athletes who have undergone puberty as a male will be ‘advantaged forever’.

He added it’s “not transphobic, it’s just facts”.

Frampton continued to say any FA intervention on the matter ‘has to be fair’ to women.

“Otherwise, we’re being totally unfair to women who are born women and playing women sports”, she added.

England Lionesses Australia

England's Lionesses have aided a surge in popularity for the women's game

Martin Daubney and Janie Frampton

Janie Frampton joined Martin Daubney on GB News


“We don’t want to destroy the women’s game or any women’s participation in sport. We have to make it fair for all, nobody wants to discriminate against those who are transgender in any way.”

Asked what the solution may be, Frampton said a separate category for trans players may have to be introduced.

“Eventually, we’re going to have different classes for different types of bodies”, she said.

“We cannot compete apples against oranges, it’s just wrong.”

Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer has called on the FA to explain why it has not banned transgender women from the female game.

The Telegraph revealed she wrote a letter to sporting bodies asking them to attend a roundtable on the matter on April 15.

She wrote: “This should be a primary consideration for governing bodies. Many sports have taken steps at the elite level to embed these principles in their guidance, but it’s also important that we come together to discuss how these policies are being implemented at the grassroots level.”

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