Tyson Fury reveals when he will fight Anthony Joshua and sends big warning ahead of Francis Ngannou bout

Tyson Fury reveals when he will fight Anthony Joshua and sends big warning ahead of Francis Ngannou bout

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Lewis Winter

By Lewis Winter

Published: 06/03/2024

- 18:13

The WBC heavyweight champion expects the all-British fight to finally get arranged

Tyson Fury insists he will fight Anthony Joshua as long as the Brit beats Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia this week.

The Gypsy King says he will go up against the winner of Friday's fight after he has had two matches against Oleksandr Usyk.

Fury and Usyk will battle it out to become undisputed heavyweight champion on May 18 after the fight was postponed last month.

But, whatever the outcome in Riyadh, it appears as though the pair will have a rematch at some point later this year.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury says he will fight Anthony Joshua after two fights against Oleksandr Usyk

Getty/Sky Sports

Joshua wants to fight the winner but knows he must beat former MMA star Ngannou first.

The Brit will enter the ring for the fourth time in the space of 11 months on Friday.

Fury says he has spoken to Saudi advisor Turki Alalshikh, who claims a fight will be arranged between the winner of this week's bout and his clash against Usyk.

But that will only happen once a rematch between the two current world champions takes place.

Fury said: "Here's the thing, I was with Turki [Alashikh] last night actually and he was talking about it.

"He said the winner of this fight is going to get the winner of you and Usyk.

"After me and Usyk fight and we do a rematch, then the winner of this will get a shot at that.

"So me and Usyk have two fights lined up this year. So the winner of that fight will then get to fight the winner of this fight.

"So there's a lot on the line, it's not just a pretend fight like me and Ngannou had, so they said. There's a lot on the line."

Ngannou only has one previous boxing fight to his name when he almost caused a huge upset against Fury last October.

Fury says Joshua has taken a big risk fighting the Cameroon-born star.

He added: "When you're like a world heavyweight contender or whatever he is these days, there's a lot of risk for AJ and not really much reward, other than money which he's already got plenty of."


Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury has sent a big warning to Anthony Joshua ahead of his fight with Francis Ngannou

Sky Sports

Fury confronted Ngannou on Tuesday after the ex-UFC star called him a 'coward'.

The 35-year-old says Ngannou should be thankful for the impact he had on his career.

He said: "In all of his UFC career he made about $1million and I made him about $6m or $7m against me. He should be thanking me really.

"Instead I've had to tell him off in front of a load of people because he's had a lot to say on camera after I gave him his biggest payday by like a million times."

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou go head to head in Riyadh on Friday


Fury also warned Joshua that Ngannou is capable of taking big punches and is expecting a close fight.

He added: "I don't know how good he was but what I do know is I hit him with some good punches and I hit him with an elbow right in the face, it never budged him.

"So I don't know how good his boxing is, I don't even know how strong he is, but I know I was hitting him with full-force punches with 10oz gloves on and he didn't budge anywhere. So it's a good fight."

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