Mike Tyson's potential replacement for Jake Paul fight revealed after boxing legend suffered health scare

Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's fight plan could be altered after the boxing icon suffered a health scare

Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 28/05/2024

- 14:19

Iron Mike will be returning to the ring after a four-year absence earlier this year

Former MMA star Chael Sonnen has claimed he will replace Mike Tyson if the boxing icon is unable to face Jake Paul later this year.

Millions of fans from around the world are eagerly looking forward to the clash between the two men.

However, there were fears for Tyson earlier this week when it emerged the 57-year-old had suffered a health scare.

His representatives confirmed he had an issue on a plane from Miami to Los Angeles with a ulcer flare up.

"Thankfully Mr Tyson is doing great," they told the New York Post.

"He became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare up 30 minutes before landing.

"He is appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him."

Paul has since insisted his fight with Tyson will go ahead, blasting back at criticism from fans in the process.

But Sonnen says he's contracted to replace Tyson if he's forced to withdraw from the contest.

He wrote on X: "I guess it was wise of Jake Paul to write me into the contract as Tyson's backup, wasn't it???"

Sonnen isn't the only person who would love the chance to face Paul, however.

Ryan Garcia, who is currently battling to prove his innocence after recently failing a drugs test, says he's prepared to step in as well.

"If you down to fight. If Mike can't do it. Let me know I will fill in," he told Paul on social media.

Yet Paul has hit back and said: "Everyone is trying to do everything they can to hurt this fight and attack me. You should know about that."

Garcia has previously said he'd relish the chance to fight Paul and claims he introduced the 27-year-old to boxing in the first place.

"I can’t do this s**t. I feel so f***ing bad for introducing Jake Paul to boxing," he said.

"I f***ed up. I can’t allow this to happen. He’s disrespecting my sport, he’s disrespecting everything.

"Call my team, Jake. F**k you. I’m going to end this Jake Paul boxing thing

"Bring it on Jake, I'm dead f***ing serious f**k you, hit my team up."


Mike Tyson Jake Paul

Mike Tyson could be replaced for his upcoming clash with Jake Paul


As things stand, Tyson looks set to make the fight.

And, speaking at a press conference earlier this month, the former heavyweight star said he was eager to rock the sporting world.

"It was a no-brainer," he said when asked about his decision to battle Paul.

"He’s the new up-and-coming guy on the scene.

"I like shaking the sports world to its core, and I’m doing that now.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is 'doing great' despite his recent health scare as his fight with Jake Paul creeps closer


"It’s just something I want to do.”

He added: "No one else can do this. Who else can shut the sporting world down? No one else can do it."

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