Mike Tyson shoots down rumours about Jake Paul fight as boxing icon makes 'hurt me' prediction

Mike Tyson shoots down rumours about Jake Paul fight as boxing icon makes 'hurt me' prediction

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Jack Otway

By Jack Otway

Published: 03/04/2024

- 08:23

Updated: 03/04/2024

- 10:07

The 57-year-old is training every day for the upcoming showdown

Mike Tyson has debunked rumours that his fight with Jake Paul will be a professional bout - while also predicting his opponent 'wants to hurt him'.

]The two Americans will face off against each other in July, with Netflix set to stream the showdown to millions all over the world.

Tyson will be 58 by the time the fight takes place and last fought Roy Jones Jr back in 2020.

Jones Jr recently raised eyebrows by saying he'd heard the showdown between Tyson and Paul had been 'upgraded' to a professional bout.

Boxing news Mike Tyson

Boxing news: Mike Tyson has denied his fight with Jake Paul will be a professional bout


Yet Iron Mike, speaking to Fox News, has now clarified the situation by saying it will be an exhibition with real fight rules.

“This is called an exhibition, but if you look up exhibition you will not see any of the rules will be fighting under. This is a fight," he said.

Paul made his name as a YouTuber before turning to boxing.

The 27-year-old has won nine of his 10 fights so far, with Tommy Fury the only man able to get the better of him.

And Tyson has predicted Paul will 'want to hurt him', with the boxing legend insisting he's taking the fight seriously.

“I don’t think he’s faster than me," he added.

"I train every day, I take it serious… I’m invincible.

“I think he's come a long way from YouTubing. I seen a YouTube of him at 16 doing weird dances, that’s not the guy I’m fighting.

"This guys gonna come, try and hurt me… and he’s gonna be greatly mistaken.”

There is, however, a possibility that Tyson won't get the chance to fight Paul.

The 57-year-old is required to pass two tests to make the bout. Should he fail either, Netflix will be forced to come up with an alternative plan.

And former world champion Sakio Bika, speaking to World Boxing News, has claimed he's ready to step in to replace Tyson if needed.

“At the moment, I am staying in shape and ready if the right offer comes my way," he said.

“I have reached the top of the sport, becoming a multiple-time world champion and winning the prestigious Contender series.

"I have nothing more to prove to anyone, but I would like to have one more big fight.


Boxing news mike Tyson

Boxing news: Mike Tyson says he's training every day for his fight with Jake Paul


"If someone like Jake Paul or his brother would really like to test himself against a recent world champion, I am always ready to fight.

“Mike Tyson is an all-time great boxer; he was a hero of mine growing up, and even though he looks in great shape, he is almost 60 years of age!

"If Jake Paul is serious about fighting a former champion, look for someone a lot younger or active within the last decade. I can fight Jake Paul at any weight he wants.”

Boxing news Jake Paul

Boxing news: Jake Paul has won nine of his 10 bouts ahead of Jake Paul fight


On the subject of YouTubers trying boxing more frequently in recent years, he added: “It is both good and bad.

"It is bringing a lot more attention to the sport, but with most of the YouTubers either fighting each other or trying to entice long-retired greats out of retirement, it turns it into a joke.”

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