Fans slam The Crown for creating fictional scene between Kate and Princess Diana in upcoming episode

Princess Diana and Princess Kate

Fans slam The Crown for creating fictional scene between Kate and Diana

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 24/11/2023

- 11:59

Kate admitted that she 'never sadly met Princess Diana'

Fans have slammed The Crown for reimagining a scene between Princess Kate and Princess Diana in an upcoming episode.

The second instalment of the final series of The Crown will be released on December 14.

However, fans have been left outraged over reports that a fictional scene will depict a young Kate greeting Prince William and Princess Diana in 1996, according to reports in The Mail.

In reality, the Prince and Princess of Wales did not meet until they attended the same university together in 2001.

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In addition, the current Princess of Wales admitted just earlier this year to a royal fan that she “never, sadly, got to meet Diana”.

The Netflix series imagines a day in December 1996 when Kate and her mother Carole Middleton leave a dress shop in London and coincidentally run into Diana and William.

The future King will be depicted selling copies of The Big Issue for charity. According to The Crown, Carole and Kate run across the road to buy a copy and the late Princess of Wales asks their names.

Diana, who is portrayed by Elizabeth Debicki, tells William: "Say thank you to Kate."

Princess Diana, Prince Harry, Prince William, King Charles

Princess Diana is depicted selling a magazine with Prince William in an upcoming episode


The Netflix series, directed by Peter Morgan, implies that this scene leads to Kate having a crush on Prince William, and Carole ensuring the two attend the same university.

Fans were left outraged over reports of this invented meeting between William and Kate in 1996, with Diana also present.

One royal fan wrote on X: "It would have been more realistic if they showed them in her school, locking eyes for a moment!

The "William actually went to play a match in Marlborough while Kate was a student there. Morgan should really stop imagining."

Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton

Carole Middleton [left] is depicted by The Crown as persuading Kate to attend same university as William

Princess Kate

Princess Kate didn't meet William until 2001 at university


Similarly, someone commented: "And we're back to s***. So p***** off they've gone with this. Not only have they entirely made up a scene, but the narrative.

"Especially when you can't make sure you do the same course and university as someone else. Morgan ought to know well how UCAS works."

A fan of Princess Kate added: "I keep on saying this narrative of the Middletons plotting to be in the same university doesn’t make sense at all in the real world. They really think it is easy to be accepted in a university, let alone a well-known one."

Another royal watcher posted: "How insulting to William and Catherine, what a disappointment. I thought this series had started out quite well."

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