Netflix producer admits they chose not to show 'very tawdry events' of Royal Family member

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Netflix producer admits they chose not to show 'very tawdry events' of Royal Family member

Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 07/12/2023

- 13:02

The final six episodes of The Crown will be released on December 14

A Netflix producer has admitted they chose not to show the more "tawdry events" that concerned a particular member of the Royal Family in The Crown.

Sarah Ferguson, 64, experienced her infamous toe-sucking scandal in 1992 after her divorce from Prince Andrew.

Andy Harries, one of The Crown's executive producers, teased that they could be creating a spin-off series about the Royal Family.

Unlike The Crown, this series could include more of the “tawdry” scandals, according to the executive producer.

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Speaking on the Have You Seen? podcast, Harries said that many events were omitted as the show “took the high road”.

He added: “I think one day Peter [Morgan] or maybe other producers might reveal many of the stories which we decided not to feature.”

The Duchess of York previously distanced herself from claims that she offered to advise the show's creators on the development of her own character.

Harries continued: “I think we have often taken the high road here.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson's 'tawdry events' were omitted from The Crown


"There are many examples where many of the Royal Family have been involved in very tawdry events which we have not covered.

"I’m thinking particularly, perhaps, of Fergie, who doesn’t feature heavily in the series.”

The toe-sucking scandal took place in St Tropez between the duchess and her financial adviser.

Speaking about omitting this scene from the series, Harries explained: “It wasn’t because it wasn’t a good or interesting story, but it was not central to the theme of the show.

The Crown

The Crown Season Six will drop its final episodes on December 14


Sarah Ferguson and Prince AndrewSarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced in 1996PA

"It was a sideshow and I think we have done well to avoid the silly sideshows.”

The executive producer also opened up about how one of Prince Andrew's ex-girlfriends, Koo Stark, rang him to offer her advice for The Crown.

Harries added: “Koo Stark rang me up. She got straight through to me and offered her services. She was briefly a girlfriend of Prince Andrew.”

‌The American actress met the Duke of York on a blind date in the early 1980s before he married the Duchess of York.

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