Buckingham Palace 'feared King Charles health leak' ahead of surgery

Buckingham Palace 'feared King Charles health leak' ahead of surgery

Cameron Walker reveals that King Charles will attend hospital next week.

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 18/01/2024

- 16:01

Princess Kate is currently recovering in hospital after abdominal surgery

Buckingham Palace wanted to release information about King Charles’s health rather than it being leaked, a source has claimed.

On Wednesday, the Palace released a statement explaining that the King would be going to hospital next week as he is suffering from an enlarged prostate.

Newsweek’s Jack Royston, explained that the King would need to start cancelling engagements which could cause speculation over his health.

Royston said: “What I've been told is that the King has royal engagements that had to be cancelled, so the Palace had to start telling people this was happening."

King Charles

The King wanted to encourage other men with similar symptoms to get checked.


The news of the King’s health came within two hours of Kensington Palace announcing that the Princess of Wales underwent abdominal surgery.

It is not common for official medial announcements to be made by the Palace about members of the Royal Family so two major medical announcements on one day sparked questions about the timings of the statements.

Royston said regarding the timing: "Once they started telling people privately, they just wanted to get that information out there.

Princess Kate

Kate is currently recovering from abdominal surgery.


“It's reassuring for the public if it comes from the Palace rather than being leaked by somebody who maybe had a tangential role in a royal visit.

“If you allow it to come out that way then everybody panics."

The statement from Buckingham Palace about the King’s medical condition said: “In common with thousands of men each year, the king has sought treatment for an enlarged prostate

“His Majesty’s condition is benign and he will attend hospital next week for a corrective procedure. The king’s public engagements will be postponed for a short period of recuperation.”

King Charles

King Charles will have to cancel royal engagements to attend hospital.


The London Clinic

Kate is recovering at The London Clinic.


Charles wanted to share the news with the public to encourage men who may experience similar symptoms to get checked.

Kate is currently recovering at The London Clinic, a private and well renowned hospital in central London.

It is understood that the abdominal surgery was not cancer related but Kensington Palace would not disclose any further details.

The Princess of Wales is not expected to return to any public duties for at least two months.

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