Princess Kate staying in luxurious London hospital that has treated royals and former US President JFK

Princess Kate staying in luxurious London hospital that has treated royals and former US President JFK

Michael Cole gives insight into Princess Kate hospitalisation

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 18/01/2024

- 10:14

The Princess of Wales is expected to remain in hospital for up to two weeks

Kate is staying in The London Clinic following her abdominal operation which offers expert care and luxurious service.

The London Clinic has housed many famous celebrities and politicians including the former U.S. president JFK.

It was revealed yesterday that the princess has been admitted to hospital for an abdominal surgery which was “successful” according to Kensington Palace.

Now the princess is expected to remain at The London Clinic to recover for up to 14 days.

The London Clinic

Princess Kate is recovering at The London Clinic.


Kate should expect to receive good care at the private hospital which is recognised for its excellent care, good-quality food and luxury facilities.

Dimple Mistry, an ex-patient of the hospital told the MailOnline that the hospital felt like a “5-star hotel” and had “amazing” staff.

Mistry explained how the bathrooms stocked Molton Brown toiletries and fresh and hot food arrives on a silver trolley every meal.

The hospital provides a concierge service and plenty of choice of food including soups, salads, light bights and desserts from their supplier, Home Counties farms.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor leaving The London Clinic after knee surgery.


Mistry exclaimed: “They even offered to help wash my hair!”

The hospital has housed many famous celebrities since it opened its doors in 1932 including JFK and the acclaimed actress, Elizabeth Taylor.

JFK was diagnosed with Addison’s disease at the hospital in 1947 and Elizabeth Taylor was treated after a fall filming on set in the 1960s.

Several other members of the Royal Family have also used The London Clinic for different treatments including the King Charles and Princess Margaret.

Princess Kate

Kate is not expected to return to royal duties until after Easter.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy

JFK was treated at The London Clinic in 1947.


The hospital was officially opened by King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth in 1932.

The clinic was “founded on the principles of providing excellence in one place,” by a group of Harley Street doctors.

There are around 155 different conditions treated at the hospital which also operates as a charity and invests in research and education.

The London Clinic has about 23,000 inpatients a year and a further 110,000 outpatients, according to the health watchdog.

The Princess of Wales is not expected to return to any public duties for at least two months.

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