Prince Louis photo: Angela Levin notes ‘difference’ as she spots specific detail

Prince Louis photo: Angela Levin notes ‘difference’ as she spots specific detail

Angela Levin noticed a difference in the photo of Louis

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 27/04/2024

- 10:56

The photo was released on the young royal's birthday

Angela Levin has noticed a “difference” in Prince Louis when comparing the photos released on his fifth and sixth birthdays.

Speaking on GBN America, the royal author told Mark Dolan the publication of the image on his sixth birthday came as a relief to her.

In a break from tradition, the Wales’s opted not to send the photo out ahead of time under embargo and instead posted it to their socials in the middle of the day.

Levin told Mark Dolan the image was “absolutely wonderful” as she noticed a subtle detail that royal fans may have missed.

Angela Levin and Prince Louis

Levin was relieved to see the photo of Prince Louis


“When it came through mid-morning, I thought, ‘absolutely wonderful’, it’s a beautiful photograph”, she said.

“You can see the difference between a five-year-old and a six-year-old. He looked so much more grown up.


“He had one missing tooth down there and I wanted to give him a hug.”

Speaking on the delayed publication, Levin said Prince William and Princess Catherine simply “changed their mind”.

“They weren’t going to do it”, she told GBN America.

“Then they thought they wanted to thank the public. We love her children.

Mark Dolan and Angela Levin

Angela Levin joined Mark Dolan on GBN America


Prince Louis

Another image of Louis beaming was released to mark his fifth birthday


“It’s very nice that she did change her mind because I think there would have been a lot of worry and awful rumours if she hadn’t.

“It was a very good change of mind and it was done her way by herself taking the picture and good luck to her.”

The unedited image shows Louis grinning at the camera as he lays barefoot on a blanket on the grass.

It was taken at Windsor by Kate, who announced last month that she is undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

The photo was posted on Kensington Palace’s social media accounts, some six weeks after the furore surrounding the Mother’s Day portrait which the princess admitted editing.

The couple thanked royal fans for the birthday messages they received for their youngest child.

The post read: “Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis! Thank you for all the kind wishes today.”

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