Prince Harry's 'feelings of being spare' are 'reinforced' in The Crown: 'It's all about William'

Prince Harry's 'feelings of being spare' are 'reinforced' in The Crown: 'It's all about William'

WATCH NOW: Prince Harry is often depicted as a 'spare' in The Crown

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 14/12/2023

- 18:36

The Duke of Sussex is played by Luthor Ford in The Crown

Prince Harry's "feelings of being spare" are "reinforced" in The Crown, according to a royal commentator, as she claimed "it's all about William".

The final season of the hit royal programme dropped today, which takes a heavy focus on the current Prince of Wales.

Royal commentator Tessa Dunlop believes there is a "secondary reason" as to why this was the case.

She said: "Harry was, again, not hugely prominent in this series. William is the linchpin here and he's foregrounded.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince Harry's 'feelings of being spare' are 'reinforced' in The Crown: 'It's all about William'


"He takes part in the investigation in the wake of Diana's death involving the Metropolitan Police, he's interviewed for that, but Harry isn't.

"He's the one whom Charles is concerned with, but it does make sense as William is the teenager with exams to do, the one where most attention was focused.

"Harry was a little boy still at prep school and the idea that Harry lived in the shadows of William and in some ways The Crown reflects that.

"While it's all fictionalised and the conversations are fictionalised some of the concerns around William's welfare aren't entirely inaccurate - he was the heir to the throne, he was the first one to fall in love significantly.

Luther FordLuther Ford plays Prince Harry in The Crown​PA

"Harry was trotting along behind, being a bit naughty, making jokes, serving champagne in tea cups but William was more serious.

"So in terms of your takeaway, you think no wonder Harry felt a bit overcast because just like in real life, while they didn't love Harry and William probably any differently, the institutional monarchy was more focused on William because he's going to be king.

"And that puts Harry's feelings of being spare in context."

Dunlop also told OK!: "It reinforces the idea of Harry in the shadows and why he might feel overlooked and angry.

Ed McVeyEd McVey portrays Prince William in The CrownPA
Prince Harry

Prince Harry's school years at Eton are explored in The Crown


"Also the idea that Harry was close to his grandmother, but if I was Harry I'd be quite triggered by it, it's all about William.

"It's a reminder that William got his flagpole in the summit first, that's where all the attention went - had to make sure the heir to the thrown was ok and it's interesting that that's where the focus of this series goes.

"But I think there's a secondary reason for that and it is because Peter Morgan, the creator and writer of The Crown, knew that Harry's book might at any point contradict him, whereas William is never going to speak."

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