Meghan and Harry criticised for 'controversial' decisions with Archie as Prince turns five: 'Strange behaviour from the very beginning'

Meghan and Harry criticised for 'controversial' decisions with Archie as Prince turns five: 'Strange behaviour from the very beginning'

WATCH NOW: Michael Cole discusses Prince Archie's fifth birthday

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 06/05/2024

- 15:38

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son, Prince Archie, celebrates his fifth birthday today

Former BBC Royal Correspondent Michael Cole has criticised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's approach with their son Archie, as the royal celebrates his fifth birthday.

The son of the Duke and Duchess, who was born in the UK before the couple moved to California, has not been wished a happy birthday by any of the Royal Family on social media, as they normally do with other members.

Speaking to GB News, Cole said the late Queen's eighth grandchild has faced "strange behaviour" since he was born, including the "controversial" photo call chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan.

In a discussion with hosts Ben Leo and Bev Turner, Ben said it was a "shame" that Prince Archie hasn't grown up with his royal cousins in the UK.

Michael Cole Meghan Markle

Michael Cole says the Sussexes have used 'strange behaviour' with Prince Archie

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Recalling when Archie was born, Cole explained: "They had the rather controversial photo call at Windsor, where the couple, having brought their pride and joy to see the world's press, then went out of their way to hide him from them.

"He was in swaddling clothes with a hat on, and nobody really saw him. And that followed rather strange behaviour."

Cole revealed that the Sussexes "wouldn't confirm where the birth had been", which was at the Portland Hospital in central London, and they have "never, ever confirmed the four godparents", but their identities became known later.

After the family moved to Canada and then America, Cole noted that the public have "seen very little" of Archie since.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Archie celebrates his fifth birthday today


Cole told Ben and Bev: "It was rather strange behaviour from the very beginning. And since they went into self-imposed exile, first in Canada and then Montecito, which may have been Meghan's intention all along, we've seen very little Archie."


Cole revealed: "We've seen him with some rescue chickens and we've heard that he talks American now, and says to people who come to stay with them 'drive safe' when they leave, very nice and American."

Ben reacted to Cole's remarks and discussed the impact of the Sussexes moving to America on their children: "I think it's a real shame.

"The King hasn't really seen Archie, and yet we've got a Prince of the Realm in California."

Bev was in agreement, adding: "The decisions that they've made, meant that boy has not grown up with his cousins at all.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole says Meghan and Harry had a 'controversial photo call' when Archie was born

GB News

"Not seeing his grandparents, his aunties and his uncles because of that family feud, makes us reflect really on what's happened there to the Royal Family."

Cole noted the ongoing feud between William and Harry, responding: "I can't disagree with what you said, it is so sad that the King sees so little of his grandchild, Archie and his sister, Princess Lilibet. Very sad indeed.

"And to see these two brothers, William and Harry, who were once so close. I'll tell you what, their mother would be so upset because she always thought they would be there for each other.

"In fact, when they were small, she made them vow, made them promise, always to support love each other. So that's very sad."

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