King Charles and William ‘ludicrous’ feud claim debunked by Lady C ‘it’s all invention’

King Charles and William ‘ludicrous’ feud claim debunked by Lady C ‘it’s all invention’
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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/11/2023

- 12:58

Lady Colin Campbell claimed Meghan and Harry have contributed to Scobie's book

Lady Colin Campbell has criticised royal biographer Omid Scobie after his latest book claims King Charles and Prince William are "feuding".

In his new release, Endgame, Scobie's latest attack on the royal family accuses King Charles and Prince William of a "small scale rivalry".

Ahead of the book's release in the UK on Tuesday, accounts in the book have suggested the Prince of Wales has grown frustrated with the King's "squandering", and sees him as a "transitional monarch".

Scobie also claims that the royal father and son have "clashing approaches and opinions" on how the Monarchy should be run.

Omid Scobie

Omid Scobie's latest book Endgame has claimed there is a 'rivalry' between King Charles and Prince William


In recent weeks, Prince William has spoken of his desire to "go a step further" with his royal work and "bring change".

Speaking at his Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore, the Prince of Wales said: "I care about so many things, and previously the family have been very much spotlighting brilliantly - I want to go a step further, I want to actually bring change."

Criticising the claims made by Scobie, Lady Colin Campbell told GB News that the suggestion is "ridiculous".

She stated that the King and Prince of Wales have a "very close good working relationship and personal relationship."

Lady Colin added: "They didn't always have such a good personal relationship, but they certainly do now.

"And as we have seen with recent activities, they divide up the the issues. So William will do say A to M and the King will do N to Z.

"So it's inventions, all of this is trying to make out that there are problems where there aren't.

"let's remember Scobie has said Charles is unpopular, the monarchy is unpopular. 60 something percent of the people of this country have said they are in favour of a monarchy. Is that unpopular? I mean, the whole thing's ludicrous."

Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell has claimed Meghan and Harry have contributed to Scobie's book Endgame

GB News

Lady Colin then hit out at Scobie for claiming he has royal sources within the Palace apart from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Campbell fumed: "If anybody who believes that Scobie has been speaking to people at the Palace who are close to William and Catherine are absolutely idiotic, because nobody close to William and Catherine, or indeed to the King or the Queen, will speak to Scobie.

When asked by Mark if she believes Meghan and Harry had a part to play in the claims of Endgame, Campbell revealed: "It will be helpful to them in that it keeps them topical, and in fact, the Sussexes have contributed to it.

"And I know who they've done it through. And I'm not prepared to tell you, I'm saving it for myself."

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