'William would not let Kate carry anything': Boris Johnson's sister makes shock claim on Windsor appearance

'William would not let Kate carry anything': Boris Johnson's sister makes shock claim on Windsor appearance

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 22/03/2024

- 14:05

Princess Kate was spotted at a farm shop near Windsor with Prince William over the weekend

  • Rachel Johnson has said she “cannot believe” it was Princess Kate at the farm shop
  • Conspiracy theories have been circulating on social media about Kate’s health
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Boris Johnson’s sister made a shock claim regarding video footage of Princess Kate’s recent trip to a farm shop in Windsor.

The Princess of Wales was filmed with Prince William last weekend carrying a shopping bag in Windsor.

Rachel Johnson has said that she “cannot believe” that Princess Kate was at the farm shop after spotting multiple “red flags.”

It comes after weeks of speculation surrounding Kate’s health spreading across social media.

Prince William and Princes Kate

Conspiracy theories about the princess have been spreading on social media


The Princess of Wales underwent an abdominal operation in January and has been recovering at her Windsor home ever since.

However, many conspiracy theories have been made up online about the whereabouts of the princess as she remains out of the public eye.

Johnson pointed out several “red flags” that led her to believe that it was not Princess Kate in the video.

She began by stating: “No husband would allow a wife who is convalescing to carry anything, let alone a well brought-up Prince of the Blood, let alone a bulging plastic bag of groceries.”

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson has said she “cannot believe” it was Princess Kate at the farm shop


She goes on to suggest in her comment for the Evening Standard that the woman in the video could be a lookalike of Kate.

Johnson also said that Kate’s appearance in Windsor would “torpedo the royal’s media strategy” by turning anyone with a phone “into a potential paparazzo.”

It comes after a BBC reporter also claimed that the woman in the photograph was “clearly not” Princess Kate.

Sonja McLaughlan, a British sports broadcaster, said that it was “disturbing” for the newspapers to be reporting the woman in the video as Kate.

Princess KateKate is currently recovering from abdominal surgeryGetty

Johnson backed these claims saying that she was “perplexed” why the mainstream media “was running the video without question.”

McLaughlan commented on a video comparing past pictures of the princess to her recent appearance: “It’s so obviously not Kate.

“Some newspapers are reporting it as fact. But it’s not her. No conspiracy theorist but all very odd.”

McLaughlan added to her post on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Disturbing that newspapers like @thetimes are reporting this as fact.


Archbishop of Canterbury Justin WelbyArchbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby spoke about the public's obsession with conspiracies Getty

“Headline ‘Kate seen in public for the first time’ when it’s clearly not her. As someone has said. Could be a couple of lookalikes making mischief.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury has come to Kate’s defence amid the surge of conspiracy theories calling them “village gossip.”

Justin Welby said that people who are experiencing health issues should be allowed to “live their lives in peace.”

Speaking to Times Radio, the Archbishop said: “We are obsessed with conspiracy and we have little sense of the humanity of those who are caught in the glare of the news.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, people should be allowed to be ill, have an operation, whatever it is, and to live their lives in peace without everyone demanding that they prove something every other day.”

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