Camilla steps out amid backlash over her son's selection for new project

Camilla steps out amid backlash over her son's selection for new project

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 30/01/2024

- 18:20

The Queen hosted a reception for the new miniature library collection displayed with Queen Mary's Doll's House

Queen Camilla stepped out to host a reception at Windsor Castle amidst backlash over selecting her son for the new library project.

The Queen hosted the reception for authors, illustrators and binders who were involved in the new miniature library collection displayed with Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.

For the project, Camilla chose her son, Tom Parker Bowles, amongst 21 other writers to contribute to the library collection, but the decision was hit with criticism.

Royal fans reacted to the move on social media claiming it was “shameless” to choose her son over other British authors for the project.

Queen Camilla

Camilla hosted a reception at Windsor Castle today


One social media user wrote: “In Britain, nepotism rules OK.” Another commented: “Did mummy get him the job?”

Another disgruntled user said: “Tom Parker Bowles gets picked by his mum... What's the book called, 'Corruption'?"

At the reception, the Queen spoke to guests and received a miniature book from Glenn Bartley, head of the Royal Bindery.

Parker Bowles’s book, A Recipe Fit for a Queen, will de displayed in the miniature library amongst other tiny manuscripts to provide snapshots of contemporary literature.

Queen Camilla and Haein Song

Queen Camilla talked to authors, illustrators and binders involved in the new miniature library collection


The dolls’ house is the largest and most famous in the world and was gifted to Queen Mary following the First World War.

The house is complete with running water, electricity and a working lift and even has miniature replicas of the Crown Jewels which use real diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

But one of the greatest treasures of the dolls’ house is its library that captures the literature of the 1920s with tiny handwritten books.

The Queen said about the dolls’ house: “For me, it is the library that is the most breathtaking space in the house.”

Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Queen Mary's Dolls' House is on display at Windsor Castle


Miniature book written by Queen Camilla

A miniature book written by Queen Camilla for the new library


The house is a 1:12 scale replica of an Edwardian -style residence with contributions from over 1,500 of the greatest artists, craftspeople and manufacturers of the day.

The Queen continued: "These new books highlight the incredible richness of twenty-first century Literary talent – and demonstrate how fortunate we are to have access to so many outstanding writers, whose work brings joy, comfort, laughter, companionship and hope to us all, opening our eyes to others’ experiences and reminding us that we are not alone."

Despite the criticism, some people came to the defence of the Queen as one fan wrote: “That's a wonderful initiative! It's great to see Tom Parker Bowles supporting a mini library project that his mum has championed. What a fantastic way to promote reading and education!"

Parker Bowles commented: “I cannot tell you what an honour it was to be asked to contribute a miniature book to Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.

"Although my recipe ‘Fit for a Queen’ will struggle to match the skill, art and beauty of Andreas Maroulis and the Royal Bindery.”

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