Meghan Markle purchased pair of £1990 diamond earrings from Dragons' Den hopefuls

Meghan Markle purchased pair of £1990 diamond earrings from Dragons' Den hopefuls

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Hannah Ross

By Hannah Ross

Published: 30/01/2024

- 16:29

Updated: 01/02/2024

- 16:12

Meghan Markle often shared gifts amongst staff while she was a working royal

Meghan Markle purchased a pair of £1990 diamond earrings from Dragon’s Den participants.

The Duchess of Sussex bought the earrings from the jewellery brand, Kimai, in 2019 while she was still a working member of the Royal Family.

The earrings sell separately at £995 and feature 26 lab-grown diamonds, totalling 0.24 carat. The earrings hug the curve of the ear and have three dangling diamonds which sway as you move.

On the company website, the earrings are referred to as “Meghan Markle’s favourite Felicity earring,” which turn heads.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle purchased a pair of £1990 earrings


In his memoir, Prince Harry revealed how Meghan would keep freebies and distribute them amongst her staff even though Royal Family members usually send back free gifts.

The prince said: “She [Meghan] shared all the freebies she received, clothes and perfumes and make-up, with all the women in the office.”

The founders of the company, Sidney Neuhaus and Jessica Warch, appeared on Dragon’s Den earlier this month where they talked about the Duchess of Sussex wearing their earrings.

The duchess wore the earrings to a visit the Smart Works headquarters in January 2019. She showed off the diamonds in full by pulling her hair back behind her ears.

Meghan Markle

Meghan wore the Felicity earrings in January 2019


On Dragon’s Den, the founders asked for a £250,000 investment for a three percent equity stake in their business.

They also explained how the “Meghan Effect” helped their business grow stating: “We’ve launched without investment, and then two months after our launch we got Meghan Markle to wear our pieces, which enabled us to grow the revenue significantly, and from there we raised $1.2 million.”

Steven Bartlett ended up investing in the business although several other dragon’s expressed interest.

When asked how the entrepreneurs managed to get the support of Meghan Markle they said: "We’re big believers in cold emails!”

Meghan Markle

Meghan admires jewellery during her visit to Smart Works


Meghan Markle

The earrings feature 26 lab-grown diamonds, totalling 0.24 carat


Meghan also played a part in Bartlett investing in the jewellery business as he stated: “The moment you told me about hounding down Meghan Markle, you had me.”

According to Christine Ross, co-editorial director of Meghan’s Mirror fashion blog, the “Meghan Effect” is “the economic phenomenon similar to the Kate effect…where if she wears it, it turns to gold.”

When the duchess wore a pair of Hiut jeans on an official visit to Wales, the company saw a transformative effect to business.

Clare Hieatt, co-founder of the company said: “We were inundated with orders and people were waiting three or four months for a pair of jeans.”

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