Queen Camilla picking her son for latest project sparks fury over 'shameless' move

Queen Camilla picking her son for latest project sparks fury over 'shameless' move

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Dorothy Reddin

By Dorothy Reddin

Published: 30/01/2024

- 14:38

Tom Parker Bowles publishes literature as a food critic

Queen Camilla has picked her son for her latest project, a move which has been branded "shameless" by royal fans.

Tom Parker Bowles, 49, is among 21 writers who have contributed to contemporary literature in a new initiative supported by his mother.

The initiative is part of the 100th anniversary of Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, a gift from the nation to Queen Mary after World War One.

Parker Bowles's book, A Recipe Fit for a Queen, will join other titles by modern authors like Jacqueline Wilson and Alan Bennett to provide a snapshot of contemporary literature.

Queen Camilla and Tom Parker Bowles

Queen Camilla picked Tom Parker Bowles's book for her latest initiative


The dolls' house, which is the largest in the world and is still on display at Windsor Castle, features a library of miniature books from the 1920s.

Queen Camilla's new project will select a library of modern books to complement the original manuscripts.

After it was announced that Tom Parker Bowles's book would be included, royal fans took to social media to react.

One posted on X: "Shameless." Another wrote: "In Britain, nepotism rules OK."

Tom Parker Bowles

Tom Parker Bowles works as a food critic


Similarly, someone commented: "Tom Parker Bowles gets picked by his mum... What's the book called, 'Corruption'?"

A royal watcher asked: "Did mummy get him the job?" One social media user said: "Of course. Keep it in the family."

However, a couple of fans came to Parker Bowles's defence.

One wrote: "That's a wonderful initiative! It's great to see Tom Parker Bowles supporting a mini library project that his mum has championed. What a fantastic way to promote reading and education!"

Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Queen Mary's Dolls' House is still on display at Windsor Castle


Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Miniature books based on modern literature have been created for the dolls' house


Similarly, someone posted: "That's truly admirable! It's wonderful to see Tom Parker Bowles support his mum's initiative, promoting the importance of reading with a mini library project. Impressive!"

Parker Bowles: “I cannot tell you what an honour it was to be asked to contribute a miniature book to Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.

"Although my recipe ‘Fit for a Queen’ will struggle to match the skill, art and beauty of Andreas Maroulis and the Royal Bindery.”

Meanwhile, Queen Camilla said the new books “highlight the incredible richness of 21st-century literary talent”.

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