Joe Biden hit by catastrophic new polling as he turns 81 - President set for election disaster

Biden and a Turkey

It comes as President Biden took part in the traditonal pardoing of a turkey ahead of Thanksgiving

George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 21/11/2023

- 08:49

Updated: 21/11/2023

- 10:57

The 81-year-old has faced questions about his capability

Fresh polling has shown Joe Biden's approval rating has fallen to a "new low".

The research comes just after the President celebrated his 81st birthday.

The NBC poll indicates that his approval rating had fallen to a new low of 40 per cent.

It comes as the president has promised to stand for a second term next November, at the end of which he would be 86.

Joe Biden

The President turned 81 this year


However, the research shows that the dip in popularity is not due to the President's age, but is instead due to his policies.

In particular, there has been a slide in those backing his foreign policy — specifically his handling of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt said: “Joe Biden is at a uniquely low point in his presidency, and a significant part of this is due to how Americans are viewing his foreign policy actions.

"This poll is a stunner, and it’s stunning because of the impact the Israel-Hamas war is having on Biden."


Donald Trump

39 per cent said former President Donald Trump was too old to be president


Among voters aged between 18 and 34, 70 per cent disapprove of Biden’s handling of the war, with many rejecting the president’s support for Israel and his refusal to call for a ceasefire.

Across the board, approval for Biden’s foreign policy has fallen from a high of 42 per cent in September last year to barely 33 per cent today.

His overall approval ratings have fallen, with 57 per cent of Americans saying they disapprove of the job he is doing, less than a year before they decide who occupies the White House for the next four years.

In total, 71 per cent of voters, including 54 per cent of Democrats, felt Biden was “too old” to be president. Thirty-nine per cent said the same about former Republican President Donald Trump.

It comes as the President was taking part in the annual pardoning of a turkey ahead of Thanksgiving on Thursday.

During the ceremony, President Biden also made a gaffe where he mixed up pop singers Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

As he pardoned the turkeys, named Liberty and Belle, he that they had made it past thousands of others from across America.

He said: "You could say it’s harder than getting a ticket to … Britney’s tour."

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