Joe Biden attacked AGAIN by Obama's top aide as he gives brutal assessment of re-election chances


The two have been bickering for weeks now

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 20/11/2023

- 22:34

Updated: 21/11/2023

- 08:12

David Axelrod said that his chances of getting re-elected were “no better” than 50-50

Joe Biden was slammed once more by Obama’s right-hand man, slating his chances of winning the next presidential election.

David Axelrod said that his chances of getting re-elected were “no better” than 50-50 at best.

Axelrod also said the current President would have to face the risky bet of trying to “cheat nature”.

He made the sceptical prediction to New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd on Saturday.

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“I think he has a 50-50 shot here, but no better than that, maybe a little worse.

“He thinks he can cheat nature here, and it’s really risky. They’ve got a real problem if they’re counting on Trump to win it for them. I remember Hillary doing that, too.”

The two have been bickering for weeks now, with Biden, 81, reportedly calling Axelrod, 68, “p***k”.

The column defends Axelrod, opening with a statement from Dowd that he is “not a p***k”.


Dowd noted that Axelrod has said Biden was a great vice president and did fantastic things as president.

However, the column notes: “Axelrod drew Biden’s ire because he urged the president to consider stopping at one term.”

“I don’t care about them thinking I’m a p***k — that’s fine,” Axelrod told Dowd. “I hope they don’t think the polls are wrong because they’re not.”

The insult came after Axelrod suggested the President should reconsider his re-election bid because of his age.

The Democrat political strategist sparked the feud by emphasising Biden’s advancing age and deteriorating position in the polls.

Writing on social media, Axelrod said: “Only Joe Biden can make this decision. If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it’s in HIS best interest or the country’s?”

He continued: “The greatest concern is that his biggest liability is the one thing he can't change. Among all the unpredictables there is one thing that is sure: the age arrow only points in one direction.”

BidenSuggesting Biden should reconsider his plans to run, Axelrod said the President "needs to decide" whether it is "wise" to runPA

Axelrod also cited Biden’s dwindling poll position, sharing polls showing him trailing behind Donald Trump in five out of six key swing states.

The results have triggered discussions over whether Biden is the right democratic candidate to challenge Trump at the next election.

The new super-poll of 15,000 Americans found that Biden would win the popular vote by 49 per cent but would lose to Trump after failing to hold the swing states.

Biden’s campaign team have played down the poll results and emphasised that the president loves to work late at night on policymaking sessions.

Yet a US political expert has claimed that Biden may be asked to leave by his own party, with some seeing him as “peculiarly weak”.

According to a Suffolk University poll of 1,000 Americans, voters are more likely to trust Trump than Biden in matters of the economy, immigration and foreign policy by 11, nine and six percentage points respectively.

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