'It's CRUEL to keep Biden in power!' Joe Biden struggles through briefing as the Middle East rages

'It's CRUEL to keep Biden in power!' Joe Biden struggles through briefing as the Middle East rages

Patrick Christys and panel discuss Joe Biden's age

GB News
Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 20/10/2023

- 14:17

Updated: 20/10/2023

- 14:27

The incident has led to calls for the 80-year-old President to step back from power

Joe Biden has sparked concerns over his physical health after a video of him addressing members of the press on Air Force One, in which his speech appears confused and slurred.

The clip in question followed Biden’s visit to Israel in the wake of Hamas’s terrorist attacks on Israel on the 7th of October, which has fuelled renewed conflict in the region.

Biden discussed his negotiations with Israel and Egypt to provide humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, though his address was filled with pauses and detours.

Patrick Christys hosted a discussion on Thursday’s GB News Tonight, with his guest panel, on whether the 80-year-old President should even be allowed to serve.

Patrick Christys and panel

Patrick Christys and his panel discuss Joe Biden's age

GB News

Patrick started: “It's cruel on this guy. I really seriously do think it is actually unfair on Joe Biden to keep him in power. You can't be behaving like that. Is that man really running the world's greatest superpower?”

Conservative Peer Shaun Bailey offered a solution: “Do you know, I think they need to get the vice president to take some more of the burden.”

Responding to groans from the panel, Bailey continued, “She is terrible. But he's beginning seriously to look incapable. He clearly didn't know what was going on at that moment. Now if that was one of my parents, I I would have intervened.”

“He could say something that causes a real world problem. It's not it's not funny anymore. It's not funny. They need to get someone else to to help him out.”


Joe BidenJoe Biden's age is a bi-partisan issue for votersPA

Patrick also asked: “Is it any wonder that Putin has had a bang on Ukraine and that now Hamas have decided to do what they've done in Israel and and goodness knows what else?”

Author and Broadcaster Amy Nickell-Turner weighed in: “I don't think that's entirely fair because, you know, Joe Biden knows foreign diplomacy inside out and knows the situation in the Middle East better than perhaps anyone.”

“If he knows international diplomacy inside out he's messed it up. He's given billions to Iran,” Patrick hit back.

Despite questions about his age, Joe Biden has made it clear he intends to run for a second four year term in office as President.

Joe BidenJoe Biden speaking with Benjamin Netanyahu in IsraelGB News

Bailey commented on this, saying, “The campaign in America is long and brutal. I wonder if it's right to put him through that again.”

Patrick agreed: “It makes a mockery of the idea of American democracy because they make a massive virtue of this in America. Then they have a bloke there who, in my view, absolutely cannot be running the country.”

Bailey also questioned what might be going on behind the scenes: “The question is who is running the country? If you're an American and you voted for Joe Biden, somebody else would appear to be in charge. At least tell us who that person is.”

Finally, Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson gave her view: “The greatest democracy in the world and still no female leader. It looks pathetic really. They're addicted to having the gerontocracy, very elderly men. They must be a country of hundreds of millions of people, it has to be they could go randomly in a Starbucks and pick someone better!”

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