Democrats urged to replace Joe Biden 'now not later' as Michelle Obama tipped for top candidate: 'A Hail Mary moment'

Democrats urged to replace Joe Biden 'now not later' as Michelle Obama tipped for top candidate: 'A Hail Mary moment'

WATCH NOW: Democrats urged to replace Joe Biden before August's convention

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 02/07/2024

- 19:26

Betting odds have soared in favour of Michelle Obama to replace Joe Biden in the election race this November

The Democrats have been urged to replace President Joe Biden "now rather than later", as Michelle Obama's chances of becoming President have surged with bookmakers.

American voters were left shocked and concerned with the 81-year-old President's performance against Donald Trump in their live leadership debate.

Trump hit out at Biden's weak arguments during the debate, telling the crowd: "I really don't know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don't think he knows what he said either."

Now, despite the former first lady having previously ruled out running, betting odds have soared in favour of the wife of Barack Obama for her to replace Biden in the election race this November.

Joe Biden and Michelle Obama

Joe Biden has been tipped to be replaced by former First Lady Michelle Obama

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Speaking to GB News, Professor of International Politics Scott Lucas said Obama "rates highly in the approval ratings" with American voters and would be a "very capable candidate" even at this late stage of the election trail.

Lucas explained: "We've got to see if Biden can be persuaded to step aside. But even if he could, Michelle Obama for years has been urged to get into politics.

"For the sake of her family, the sake of the life she prefers to run, she would rather be a very committed, a very effective activist, but one who is not actually on the political front lines. And there's no sign that that view has been changed."

Lucas claimed that if Obama did change her mind and run, or if husband Barack chose to run again, it would be a "Hail Mary" moment for the Democrats.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Joe Biden performed poorly in his live CNN debate with Donald Trump


Lucas told GB News: "If we had Michelle Obama or President Barack Obama, who could run again, that would be what we call a Hail Mary moment."


Turning the discussion to other possible candidates who could replace Biden ahead of the November election, Lucas admitted that although Vice President Kamala Harris is capable, she has "not had a chance to establish her credentials".

Lucas said: "Even if Joe Biden decided to step aside, she has been handicapped since early on in Joe Biden's first term by Biden's team.

"When Biden decided to run for a second term, Harris, who would have been the heir apparent, was kept in the background. She was given very difficult task when she was put before the cameras, such as dealing with the issue of immigration. And she really has not been a chance to establish her credentials.

Noting the latest polling, Lucas added that Harris at this point in the election trail would "struggle against someone like Donald Trump".

Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas says the Democrats should replace Joe Biden 'sooner rather than later'

GB News

Lucas continued: "If the Democrats are going to switch to Harris, they need to do so now rather than later on, and certainly well in advance of their convention in August."

In a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult, 60 per cent of respondents, both Republicans and Democrats, said the president should be replaced for November’s election, while another 11 per cent were unsure.

The same poll also found that Biden’s popularity appeared to be unaffected by his gaffe-filled debate performance, retaining a one-point advantage over Trump with 45 per cent of the poll vote.

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