Democrats 'negligent and blind' to the truth of Joe Biden's health: 'Disgraceful!'

Democrats 'negligent and blind' to the truth of Joe Biden's health: 'Disgraceful!'

WATCH NOW: Democrats criticised for their handling of US President Joe Biden

GB News
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 08/07/2024

- 14:41

US President Joe Biden claimed 'only the Lord almighty' could make him drop out of the election

Joe Biden's Democrats have come under fire for their handling of US President after his latest gaffe-filled interview saw him deny the need for any cognitive health tests.

The 81-year-old leader has affirmed that "only the Lord almighty" can make him drop out of the upcoming presidential election, as concerns continue to grow about his mental ability.

In another interview with a US radio station, the President also claimed to be the "first black woman to serve with a black president".

Discussing the President's health on GB News, host Andrew Pierce said it was "disgraceful" of the Democrats to be handling Biden in this way, and accused them of a "high level cover up" over the truth of Biden's declining health.

Joe Biden

The Democrats have come under fire as President Joe Biden's health continues to visibly decline


Andrew fumed: "It's disgraceful what's happening - the Democrats have been engaging in a very high level coverup about the full extent of this man's mental decline, and it's tragic."

Sharing his thoughts on Joe Biden's health, commentator Benedict Spence admitted it is "truly astounding" that the Democrats have decided to keep Biden as their top candidate going into the November election.

Spence told GB News: "He is still the candidate, and it looks like he's still going to be the candidate. I still don't see how they could get rid of him as the candidate, but it's truly astounding.

"It shows a real breakdown of the media ecosystem in the United States, so many people in both the political and the media spheres were able to convince themselves that talking about Joe Biden's cognitive functions was a right-wing talking point. And then on national television, for the whole world to see, there was that real moment of, 'oh my word it's true'."

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden claimed 'only the Lord almighty' could make him drop out of the election


Offering his verdict on Biden's determination to run for a second term as President, commentator Matthew Laza claimed that "only Jill Biden" can be the person to encourage Biden to step down.


Laza explained: "The person who has the fate of Biden is the first lady. Jill Biden is the only one who can persuade him.

"He said only God Almighty could persuade him not not to stand, I suspect that is Jill Biden in his marriage. And let's hope that she does it."

Hitting out at the Democrats for pursuing only Biden on their election ticket, Spence claimed the party had "every opportunity" to replace Biden as the top candidate ahead of the convention in August.

Spence said: "It's desperately sad, both for him on a personal level that he is being put through this, and it's sad also because they've had all this opportunity to get another candidate on the ticket to prep them to go up against Donald Trump. They haven't taken it. It is too late now."

Benedict Spence says the Democrats are 'negligent and blind' about Biden's cognitive health

GB News

Andrew then highlighted the decision of the Democrats to bring forward Biden's debate with Donald Trump to June rather than on the eve of the August convention, which would have meant the party would have had "no chance" to change their candidate.

Spence argued: "I think that's why it was organised earlier - but now it's an even more elongated campaign where everybody is just acutely aware that he is not fit for the office.

"How on earth can people have been so negligent, so blind to the truth, and perhaps so blind to their own desire to keep hold of power? They've failed in their duty of care to the Bidens, never mind as a party."

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