Susan Hall brands Sadiq Khan’s Ulez expansion a ‘disaster’ in scathing rant: ‘He doesn’t listen!’

Susan Hall brands Sadiq Khan’s Ulez expansion a ‘disaster’ in scathing rant: ‘He doesn’t listen!’

Susan Hall takes aim at Sadiq Khan's 'disastrous' Ulez expansion

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 03/10/2023

- 15:10

The mayor’s motoring policies have become a key staple of his tenure

Conservative London Mayoral candidate Susan Hall warns Sadiq Khan is on an anti-car rampage and won’t be satisfied until we are “all out of cars”.

The mayor’s motoring policies have become a key staple of his tenure, with measures such as the Ulez (Ultra Low Emission Zone) expansion proving contentious among Londoners.

Speaking on GB News, Khan’s main opposition for next year’s election has singled him out for criticism, claiming he is guilty of “virtue signalling”.

She accused the London mayor of failing to listen to Londoners on the contentious Ulez expansion, which came into force in August.

Susan Hall and Sadiq Khan

Susan Hall hits out at Sadiq Khan


“The [Ulez] expansion zone is a disaster because he [Sadiq Khan] didn’t listen to what anybody wanted”, she said.

“He never listens to what anybody wants. He does exactly what he thinks he’ll do.

“But I’ve said all along, I will stop it on day one, which I will, but people are also very, very concerned about policing in London.

“We’ve seen some tragic instances just in the last couple of days really and he has got to get a grip, but if not, I will absolutely get a grip.

“And those that know me know that policing is my absolute passion. I’m very concerned about things that go on in London and we need to put it right.”

Hall took aim at Khan’s introduction of 20mph zones and LTNs (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods), dubbing the former “utter nonsense” in some areas.

Susan Hall speaks to Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner on GB News

Susan Hall joined Andrew Pierce and Bev Turner to discuss her London mayoral ambitions


“There’s quite a few issues here”, she said. “First of all, 20mph zones in places like Finchley Road, London, utter nonsense.

“It’s a main road into London. I completely get it around schools and on side roads.

“LTNs are great for people that live in the area but it’s creating a backlog for others. It’s absolutely gridlocking our roads.

“You look at Park Lane in London, you’ve got a bicycle lane next to it, literally right next to a bike lane in the park next door. It’s virtue signalling again from Sadiq Khan.


Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have proven to be controversial


“He would have us all out of cars. I’m so pleased about the Government’s attitude to these LTNs and 20mph zones.”

It comes after Rishi Sunak’s pledge to “slam the brakes on the war on motorists” while speaking to The Sun.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said guidance on 20mph limits would be reviewed in a bid to prevent their “blanket use in areas where it is not appropriate”.

In September, it was revealed that a further 40 miles of London’s road network are to be capped at 20mph.

The lower limit is set to be introduced on roads in Bromley, Greenwich, Kensington and Chelsea, Lewisham, Merton, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Southwark.

Signage work is expected to be completed by December.

London’s walking and cycling commissioner Will Norman insist the new limits will “help to make a large area of south London safer and more attractive for people to live and work”.

Sadiq Khan’s expansion of Ulez came into force in August, with the London mayor aiming to drastically reduce air pollution.

All London boroughs are now covered by the restrictions, meaning vehicles not meeting the emissions standards that aren’t exempt need to pay a £12.50 charge to drive within the zone.

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