‘We have a population crisis!’ Nigel Farage vows to ‘make noise’ on key issue as Reform UK sets out stall

‘We have a population crisis!’ Nigel Farage vows to ‘make noise’ on key issue as Reform UK sets out stall

Nigel Farage weighs in on the Tory Party Conference

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 07/10/2023

- 12:29

The former Brexit Party leader has warned 'Britain is broken'

Nigel Farage has vowed to “make noise” on an issue which he says is hindering the United Kingdom as Reform UK prepares to set out its stall.

The GB News presenter is performing an advisory role for the party which is fronted by People’s Channel colleague Richard Tice.

The former Brexit Party leader warned in an interview with Anne Diamond that “Britain is broken”, and the Conservatives are staring down the barrel of a comfortable Labour majority at the next election, which is likely to take place next year.

Speaking on GB News, Farage said the main issue is a “population crisis”, and the country’s infrastructure is not suited to deal with it.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage says the UK has a 'population crisis'


He said: “We have a population crisis. We don’t have the schools, the houses, the hospitals or the roads to deal with it.

“This has not been discussed or debated by anybody, and we’re going to make some noise about it.”


Quizzed over whether the issue will become “the top of everybody’s agenda”, Farage said that he is aiming to make that a reality.

“That’s the idea”, he said.

“I’ve got a track record of doing those things.”

It comes as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak struck a new deal with the EU that will see intelligence shared in an effort to stifle illegal Channel migrant crossings.

Richard TiceThe Reform Party, led by Richard Tice, is attempting to capitalise on growing disillusionment with mainstream politicsPA

Reform UK leader Richard Tice said the agreement is not likely to be a groundbreaking development.

Rishi Sunak is keen to halt migrant crossings, given it was one of his five key pledges to the nation.

“Illegal migration is completely out of control”, Tice said.

“These warm words will not make a jot of difference. The only thing that works is what works in Australia, you pick up and take back which you are entitled to do under International Treaty Law, otherwise nothing will happen, nothing will change.

“Suella Braverman talked about a ‘hurricane of migration’, this hurricane will blow like a brutal storm until we lead the way, we pick up and take back to France.

“At that moment, you can get to grips with the causes of illegal migration.”

Sunak met European leaders at a summit in Granada, Spain when the apparent development is said to have struck.

Under the plan, the UK would work with Belgium to try to disrupt organised immigration crime and clandestine entry to Britain and seek to co-operate further with Serbia on prosecuting and disrupting criminal networks.

The Telegraph reported that the Frontex deal would build on these bilateral pacts by deepening the Border Force’s understanding of smuggler routes through Turkey and the western Balkans.

It comes as Reform UK set out their stall in London for their party conference.

Key figures from the party such as Richard Tice, Ben Habib and Alex Phillips will speak as the group, formerly known as the Brexit Party, attempt to surge to the highs experienced in 2019 polls.

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