‘Keir Starmer wants migrants here!’ Tory MP blasts Labour leader’s plan to open Britain’s doors

Michael Fabricant and Sir Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer 'wants migrants' in Britain, according to Michael Fabricant

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 15/09/2023

- 22:02

Keir Starmer has unveiled Labour's migrant crisis plans

Sir Keir Starmer is under fire over his plans to deepen ties with Europe as part of a new post-Brexit security pact aimed at dealing with migration.

The Labour leader is hopeful that such a move would restrict the movement of those suspected of organised immigration crime.


Starmer had been tight-lipped on his plans for illegal migration, and his announcement this week represented his first significant tranche of plans on the matter.

Labour’s plans have attracted cynics, including Tory MP Michael Fabricant who accused Starmer of “wanting” migrants to make their way into Britain.


“Every time we have tried to do something in Parliament, like have a real deterrent, Keir Starmer vote against it”, he said.

“The Conservatives have not succeeded in stopping the boats, but at least we’re trying.

“The problem with Labour is, they don’t even want to try. They want the immigrants to come here.”

Asked whether Starmer is “onto something” with his hope of creating a safe and legal route, Fabricant said you would have to be “incredibly naive” to believe the Labour leader means what he says.

He said: “You’ve got Yvette Cooper spouting on that she’s going to get 1,000 experts to deal with this, and what is going to happen?

“Either it’s agreed they’ll stay and they probably will under a Labour government, or they will have to be sent back somewhere.”

StarmerStarmer has outlined his migrant policy plansPA

GB News presenter Patrick Christys questioned Fabricant as to whether the Tories have essentially given Keir Starmer an open goal on the migrant crisis.

Christys suggested the Tories have made a “mess” of the issue, meaning people may view Labour as a party who will “not be able to do worse” than their political opponents.

“That’s more or less what Starmer is saying”, Fabricant said.

“The problem is, he’s not coming up with any solutions, and when we actually come up with solutions, he votes against it.

“I actually think he wants them here. I think he simply thinks that by going over to The Hague and saying naive statements, he will win the general election.”

Unveiling the plans this week, The Labour leader said: “The first job of any government is national security – protecting the British people from threats that come from here and overseas.

“The Government’s failure to tackle the criminal smuggling gangs orchestrating boat crossings is now so profound that I believe it needs to be considered on a par with the other three big security threats we face: climate change, hostile foreign powers and terrorism.”

Keir Starmer insisted closer co-operation with the European Union on the small boats crisis meant “taking control of a situation the Government has totally lost control of”.

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